The White T-shirt is Re-invented by the Wholesale T-shirt Manufacturing Companies

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  • April 22, 2017

Wearing t-shirts without looking like a slob is an art, and many might not master this art with perfection. The quintessential cool girl stance that the tees carry is irreplaceable, and no matter how much the world of fashion changes, you will never be tired of having the hippest and most happening style ideas in the tees. In summer, it is impossible to resist wearing the simple and plain white tee that is the closet staple for fashion-forward ladies. Be it in any shape, cut, style or design, the stereotypical white tee is a must-have for women, and also versatile like none.

We often carry this thought that wearing the white tee is limited to casual occasions, but the celebs and models are giving way to a wide array of clothing style ideas possible in the white tee. You should buy a design that complements your body type, and also the fabric that keeps you away from the moisture and sweat of summer. The leading wholesale t-shirt manufacturing companies are bringing in a wide variety of simple and plain white tees for women.

Here are some tips to wear them:

Go Work Appropriate

If you are going off to work, and tired of the usual and monotonous routine dress code, it is time to tweak it a bit to give up on the boredom. You can just simply add the striped, plain, or check suit jacket and suit pants with the white tee worn instead of the shirt. Instead of the tie, the necktie would come to your rescue.

The Summer Ready Attire

Get the simple and chic summer-ready attire in the sleeveless t-shift dress worn over the white tee, and wear this combination with a choker, the wide-brimmed hat, and sporty sneakers or funky flip flops. Definitely, a charming look to carry anywhere for a casual silhouette!

Go all White

Go all white on a sultry summer morning to the beach or pool party wearing the white tee with a breezy lace kimono, added to the denim or cotton shorts. Add the heels in silver or some other metallic shade, and exude a very smart and sexy stance altogether.

Travel Scenes

Your fashion is not limited to the events and different parties, but also to the airport scenes these days. Go for the cropped white tee with the high-waist colored denim, and add the funky kicks to this to complete the total outfit.

The Feminine Charm

Get the feminine charm at the cocktail or cruise party as you tuck in the white tee into the colorful lace skirt, and add the strappy heels to the combination. Add some matching accessories to this, and let the refined edge get reflected effortlessly.

The Printed Fun

For the printed outfit fun, you can easily add the simple printed bomber jacket on the white tee, and wear this with the faded or tattered denim pant. Add the leather boots to this to end up the look with a dash of panache.

The Old School Girl Finesse

Get the old school girl finesse for your casual occasion as you team the white tee with the denim overall, and add the stricture jacket or blazer over this for a very smart take on casual dressing.

The Sexy Party Look

Get the sexy party look with the white off-shoulder tee crafted by a t-shirt manufacturer USA and worn with a bodycon pencil skirt or the mini skirt in leather or velvet.

3 Ideas to Wear Your T-Shirt the Trendy Way

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