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Happy To Be An Esteemed Private Label T-Shirt Manufacturer In The USA

Other than being a popular wholesale tee manufacturing company, we are also proud to be the no. 1 private label tee manufacturer. We offer aspiring private label business owners every kind of support to make a mark in the industry. Partnering with you, we aim for your 100% satisfaction, and for that, we take care of everything, right from sourcing the finest materials for your order to making sure that you get your exceptional products delivered in lesser time than expected.

Start selling your own unusual tees and impress your customers with your elegant choices by placing your bulk order from us.

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Get a Customized Collection Of Tees/Shirts/Clothing Just As You Visualized

We are fortunate to be working with a super-skilled and highly experienced team of design professionals who use the finest manufacturing facilities and work hard day and night, making sure that the order is created just the way the entrepreneur has imagined. Whether you have thought of any extraordinary color, print, pattern, cut, or style, simply want to add additional features, or just wish to generate an uncommon logo, tag, or label, our creative team can turn your ideas into reality in almost no time.

To get your order at the earliest possible and at your desired destination, you just have to drop a mail to the dedicated support team, conveying your wholesale design needs. We also provide pre-production t-shirt samples on bulk purchases.

Be it graphic tees, sports tees, gym tees, or any other style, our colossal catalog has it all.

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This Is What You Get By Selling Private Label Tees

private label t shirt manufacturer usa

Quicker To Promote

If you are thinking about manufacturing the designs created, it can take a lot of time, anywhere between a few months to around 2 years. Why go through all that trouble when we can make things easier for you? Just take a look at our unending collection, choose what you want, make it yours, and get it delivered sooner than expected. This is a preferred choice for many ambitious business owners these days.

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More Budget-Friendly

So that you can directly jump to product manufacturing, skipping the expensive sample development, we make sure to grab quality-certified fabrics and raw materials for you. As we are in this industry for many years now, efficiently and flawlessly meeting the needs of our clients, you can totally rely on us to deliver you the best.

private label t shirt manufacturer

Reduced Time As Well As Energy

Coming up with designs that are refreshing and yet in absolute alignment with the latest international styles needs quite an amount of time and energy. By connecting with us, one of the most prestigious private label tee suppliers, all you need to do is just pick your preferred in-vogue t-shirt styles that are made available by a dexterous team of creative professionals.

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Eco-Conscious Production

With a wish to protect the planet from fast fashion, we are committed to sustainability. By ethically generating the items at our LA factory, following green business practices, and aiming for zero-waste production, we successfully take care of the three Ps— i.e. planet, people, and profit. The workers who play a prime role are always offered fair labor wages and healthy working conditions.

We have helped many clothing businesses to grow

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    The Different Custom Labels Offered By Us

    private label t shirts manufacturers
    Custom Heat Transfer Labels

    Known for their versatility, they can be easily created in various shapes and colors. These labels often display the ultimate color quality and if you wish then you can also generate them with a 3D effect. Apart from these benefits, they can be applied with perfect accuracy,are recyclable, and are long-lasting.Consider going for heat-transfer printed labels if you want water and heat-resistant designs.

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    Custom Woven Labels

    Woven labels or woven tags are perfect if you want to add a touch of elegance to your brand. They silently speak volumes about the quality of your items. As even after several washes, they never fade, when you choose them for your t-shirts,they retain their look and feel for an extended period of time.You can person- alize them with the brand name, logo, and certain other small instructions, based on the size you go for.

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    Custom Screen Printed Labels

    Screen-printed labels are highly in demand among many business owners. Some basic points are followed during their production. They are pretty easy to make, add a professional look to the tees, can be customized any way you want, and helps in the promotion of items.

    Why Depend On Only Teez As Your Private Label Tee Manufacturer

    When you decide to trust us, we go that extra mile for you. To help you establish your name in the market and make a unique presence, we not only provide you with A-Z customization options but also come up with additional suggestions and tips for you. With the advantage of our many years of experience in the fashion industry, we think of creative ideas for how to make the deal more profitable for you so that you can get the most out of your money. Our dedication to helping you with everything you need is what sets us apart from our competitors. Be it any style you are looking for, having prior experience working with well-recognized brands, we can smoothly create it for you. Above all, we believe in forming lasting relationships with our clients.

    To make the buying experience more convenient and unforgettable, we have kept our MOQ achievable. With an attainable Minimum Order Quantity, you can check the reaction of your target customers safely and see whether your items have the potential to do well in the market or not.

    You can always contact the 24/7 available help desk in case of any queries.

    • Choose from a large variety of prints and colors
    • Pick from an impressive range of premium-quality fabrics
    • Pockets, hoods, night-visibility features, sun protection properties, thumbhole sleeves, etc— select from diverse tee features
    • You can beautifully decorate your pieces with the help of sequins, beads, fringes, laces, and more

    Explore The Most Humongous Range of Private Label T-shirts From Our Wholesale Hub

    To lunch a private label clothing line or to update the inventory of a private label t-shirt brand, we are always there to suffice you with the widest assortment of private label t-shirts. Our humongous collections of t-shirts come in different styles and designs, be it the timeless polos, the casual shirts, the fitness tees, printed t-shirts, the tops for women, tank tees, and much more. All these are readily available in a wide array of colors and sizes to suit the specific needs of the bulk buyers.

    Our Collection of Private Label T-shirts Speak of Superiority in Quality

    We totally understand that you need to entice your private label clothing line’s customers not just with oodles of style statements, but also with high-quality products. Hence, as a leading and top-notch private label t-shirts wholesale manufacturing brand, we make sure to use the blend of the best fabrics, be it cotton, synthetic, or some other raw materials to craft our collection of tees. Thus, our products speak of superiority in quality, promising in the aspects of comfort, breathability, active ventilation, and longevity. Thus, if you want the fusion of fashion and functionality in your private label clothing collections, make your way to Only Teez.

    We are Tagged As The Celebrated Private Label Manufacturer of T-shirts

    To help the private label clothing brands get exactly what they want, our custom design process is planned and executed in a completely professional manner. Being regarded as the celebrated wholesale tee shirts manufacturer, our goal is to satiate the business owners with the most incredibly designed personalized t-shirts that are crafted by our expert team of designers and craftsmen according to the creative briefs we receive from clients.

    Thus, if you are looking for the most excellent private label tees, come to us and get your bulk needs fulfilled.

    Frequently Asked Question


    In simple words, tees that are produced by a manufacturer but are sold under the name of another company are referred to as private-label tees. These tees can also be customized as per the needs and wishes of business owners and retailers.

    First and foremost, plan, research, and think about your budget. Next, determine the style that is popular among your target audience. After coming up with your exclusive designs, connect with a trusted private-label tee maker. You can get hold of the samples or go to direct bulk product generation. Once you receive your order, set up your store and arrange the tees in them in an eye-catching and organized way. Finally, to promote your brand, use effective yet simple marketing strategies.

    Yes, it is. With your attention-grabbing designs and choices, you can appeal to a wide variety of target audiences with different backgrounds and interests. Depending on the kind of promotional strategy you opt for, it can be low-risk and cost-efficient.

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