Which Factors You Should Consider When Buying a Tee

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  • April 1, 2022

A tee comes with the ability to adapt to any situation, whether it’s an outing with friends or date with your lover, or a business-casual setting. How versatile it can be, is quite known to all. It is taken to be a go-to clothing piece for almost everyone in this world. But given that there are so many t-shirt types these days, how do you choose the perfect ones?

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While buying some, take the following factors into consideration.

Size and fit matters

When investing in these must-have clothing pieces, make sure to check the size and fit. Choosing the ideal size, you can directly go to the shop and try one by one but when buying online, usually it is seen that the size varies from brand to brand. With the help of a measuring tape, check the chest size and shoulder width, after which, double-check it with the given size chart. Also, if you are thinking to opt for cotton material then make sure to go for a size larger than your usual size as cotton is well-known for shrinking. If you are a business owner reading this blog and thinking about how to become a t-shirt distributor then without wasting any time, reach out to a prominent t-shirt manufacturer today!

Check the fabric

The second most important consideration in this list is fabric. Either the tee fabrics are found to be of 100% cotton or 100% polyester, or a mix of synthetic and cotton fibers, or a blend of rayon, cotton, or synthetic fiber. For the stretchy tees, cotton spandex is mostly used, for cheaper, thinner tees, a jersey material is used, while for expensive and drapey tees, an interlock material is used. If you are someone who lives in a hot climate, then you should choose a 100% cotton tee fabric. However, if you live in tropical climates then you are free to choose any fabric, from polyester to synthetic to cotton! While cotton promises water-absorbing benefits along with ultimate comfort, the cotton-polyester-rayon blend makes the tee smooth and soft. Synthetic comes with advantages such as easy maintenance, stability, colorfastness, and wrinkle resistance. The cotton-polyester blend makes the tees more durable and easier to maintain.

What’s the occasion?

Consider the occasion for sure as to whether it is a night out with friends or a football game or gymming, every occasion requires different t-shirts. Get some nice running shirts out of wholesale running shirts from a reliable manufacturer that comes with sweat-wicking properties, if you are the type who loves to run to keep fit. If you plan to just chill at home, doing nothing then choose the ones made of natural fibers. Grab some long-sleeve tees or hooded t-shirts for your winter outings.

Prints and designs

The t-shirt prints and designs hold some importance in the selection as well, as the cool texts, and artworks are what usually attract you to one. So, this will solely depend on your personal preference and of course the current trends!

The tee style

The most common t-shirt style that you will often see everywhere involves the combination of short sleeves and crew neck. A suggestion here would be to think differently as there are so many different t-shirt styles available today. Dare to look different from the crowd!

Based on the sewing construction of the tee

The sewing construction of your t-shirt is crucial, as a wrongly made tee can make you look ugly in so many ways, starting with distorting your body shape. When you are buying some, be sure to check the neckband. It should appear smooth. Note that if the shirt quality is bad then you will find that its body hem and sleeve hems are twisted.

See the label for sure

Always make sure to check the care label of your tee as it tells you how to take care of the t-shirt, also gives you information about fabric weight and fabric fiber construction.

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