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  • July 10, 2015

In the past many years, textile industry has undergone great deal of modifications that have resulted in the use of better technology in the making of fabrics and clothing items. One such noteworthy change has been the growing use of wholesale sublimation t shirt.

What Led to the Development of Sublimation?

Before going into that let’s first understand what sublimation is? Well, it is a printing process where the dye gets converted into vapor phase and gets adsorbed by the fabric in a manner as specified for the formation of the image. Prior to this method, screen printing was used. In screen printing, what would happen is that a layer of the image would literally get printed on the material. So this layer would actually block the pores of the fabric. Thus, however superior fabric you would use, its inherent features would get lost. Therefore, to maintain the breathability, moisture wicking and host of other properties of the fabric, sublimation t shirts manufacturers came into the scene.

Importance of Wholesale Sublimated T-shirt in Sportswear

The widest application of these wholesale sublimated t shirts is in the area of sportswear for reasons obvious. The reputed sports teams wants their players to endorse lot of brands and sponsors. This, along with their jersey number, player name, team name and logo ensures that practically the entire area of the shirt gets printed. If screen printing is done, then the shirt becomes uncomfortable for you and adversely effects your performance on field.

Advantages of Wholesale Sublimated Tees

There are several advantages of sublimation. It renders brighter and real images on your shirts. Moreover, the print doesn’t get peeled off or flaked especially on ironing and repeated washes as is the case with screen printing ones. If the instructions of sublimated tees manufacturers are well followed, then these t shirts last really long.

If you as a sports store owner want to purchase your stock, then just contact any leading sublimated t shirt manufacturers. One advice to adhere is to look for ones who can provide you with quality, even if that means shelling out slightly extra as your retail customers would definitely give good quality an extra edge. If you are buying in bulk, these manufacturers will obviously give you the best discounted prices.

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