Types Of Printed Sublimated Tees To Go For Your College Events

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  • May 4, 2016

When we have so many prints and designs to wear these days, why look drab and banal with boring and monotonous plain outfits? The fashion scene is evolving every day, and the prints and patterns brought in by the cutting-edge sublimation printing technology is creating a new stir in the market. From getting photographic representations, to realistic images. The designers and sublimated tees manufacturers are giving way to wide array of trends when it comes to wrapping the fashion-conscious crowd in fashionable clothes, be it men or women. The dye sublimation printing procedure is one where the ink is fused on the surface, and gives way to softer touch and durable prints.

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Following are the benefits of sublimation printing process

  • The printing remains very intact even on getting exposed to the sun or after extensive washes. Also, the prints don’t crack easily.

  • The printing technology also guarantees to use unlimited shapes, and colors, blends, shadows, and photographic images.

  • This is one of the technologies which enable the printing of numbers and letters easily.

  • The designs can be embossed in full colored images.

  • Durable and fade free, sublimation printing is not expensive.

  • The sublimation printing method is not applicable to all kinds of fabrics, and goes with white and light garments. Also, it is possible to polyester and polyester blends as they have moisture wicking features.

    Following are few trends in prints if wholesale sublimated tees which can give the tees used for your college event the extra edge and flair:

    Skulls for Punk and Spunk

    The representation of skulls and death related mystifying images are getting a new and wild approach on the tees through graphic sublimation printing method. The tees can be used for your college events as they are high on youthful vigor and carry a funk with them. These prints look great on plain white or black background worn in the morning or evening.

    Greenery through Images of Trees

    Symbolizing life, growth, existence and a lot more about the world we live in, the tree and plants motifs are arguably very popular owing to their realistic angle. If you are organizing an eco-friendly or environmental awareness program, then these green printed t-shirts can work wonders.

    Chirpy Birds meaning Freedom

    For the events which equate to the meaning of independence and freedom, the t-shirts can be imprinted with patterns and prints of birds. They can range from cute to the scary ones, big to small birds and a lot more. Be it the whole design or playing a small part of the picture, these prints symbolize a lot of depth and philosophy about life.

    Color Splashes for the Volunteers

    The event volunteers can pull of a quirky look to make the guests feel at ease with spatter effect or color splashes all over the tees with the logo embossed on the back. Through Photoshop and vector image packs, these representations are possible.

    Floral for the girls

    Clad your college girls in pretty attire with floral accents adorned on their tees, and these pretty florals look highly ritzy-zesty with maximum feminine poise.

    Hence, when you have so many designs to choose in wholesale sublimated t-shirts, elevate the looks of your college students on the next fest by getting in touch with a promising designer.

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