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The Trend of Wearing Vibrant Printed Sublimated T Shirts This Summer

The global fashion scene changes every year, and with the change comes the trends and highlights which make a shout out to the fashionistas to break the monotony and try something new. Similarly, this year, for the summers, the latest addition is the craze of prints and patterns on t-shirts which are replacing the neutral and muted shaded plain ones, all credits to the cutting edge sublimation printing technology. The leading sublimated t shirts manufacturers are crafting bizarre and crazy patterned t-shirts for the youth to channelize a number of silhouettes, be it for the weekend strolls, or the party nights on Saturdays! In a fusion of daring, bold and sophisticated, these printed t-shirts have added themselves to the closets of the fashion-forward women, adding a spin to their style quotients.

Sublimated T shirts Manufacturers


The sublimated prints are dancing their way across the otherwise boring t-shirts and giving them the much needed break of monotony!

Types of Prints which the Wholesale Sublimated T shirts are Witnessing:

Go Naturalist

The sublimation prints on tees reflecting mother nature  have the fine details of the world around us. From plant textures to colorful botany and abstract textures of earthly minerals, these prints look gorgeous on t-shirts.

Crazy Comic Pop

The cartoon characters invade the graphic world adding a lively and playful twist to the sublimated t-shirts. In a riot of colors, these prints come with exuberant comedified elements with distorted silly messages to random humorous objects.

Mysterious Gothic Pirates

From dark and deep sea encounters of medieval gothic age, to the mighty encounters of the ocean world, the sinister graphic images get a notch up with the prints of ancient sea details and mythical sea creatures.

Dark and Deep Thoughts

The sublimation printing process has given way to the ancient days of the human anatomy, medicine, practice of alchemy and explored them to give a place on the t-shirts. The bizarre content produces a dark and edgy mood!

The World of Birds

The feathered fantasy theme of the birds and details of their kingdoms have been explored on the t-shirts in terms of motifs which convey a sense of motion, with the patterns of different kinds of birds!

Floral Funk

With bold and bright coors and oversized accents, the floral accents on ts-hritss have taken a novel turn through the prints of exotic flowers, in both realistic and abstract connotations.

Wild and Bold with Animal Prints

The timeless trend of animal prints come with the skin textures of crocodiles, snakes, leopards and other animals, in a variety of colors and sizes! The leading t shirts manufacturers in usa are giving animal prints a special attention owing o their unending craze!

Tips to get Sublimated Tees Right:

1. While doing the printed tees with other key outfits, make sure to mix and match the colors and textures and not the prints and patterns themselves.

2. You can mix different patterns for a put-together look, but stick on the similar color palette for both the outfits!

3. Wear different prints in different outfits! For instance, you can have animal prints on the tee and floral on the skirt for a mish mash of elements.

4. Try pairing them with solids to get more attention to the colorful sublimation prints.

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