T Shirts: Top 3 Ways To Wear Them In Winter

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  • October 8, 2021

You have to have some guts and a true sense of style to sport a t shirt in winter. T shirts are and will always remain a no. 1 staple in the fashion world which almost everyone loves to wear. If they aren’t in clear sight in spite of the broad daylight, then one probably is hiding it underneath a sweater.

How to wear a tee in winter?

A tee can be put on with multiple styles in winter. Check out the 3 popular ones below to see how you can wear a t shirt in winter.

Layer your tee

In order to put your tee on display, a simple trick would be to go on layering, doesn’t matter whether you pick cardigans or denim shirts or jackets or anything you want, remember the goal is to keep it unbuttoned. A few suggestions would be to pair a tee with a cardigan or a tee with a blazer and coat or tee with an unbuttoned denim shirt along with jeans and sneaks or tee with a cardigan and a coat. The idea is, the more you have on, the simple and sophisticated you are going to look, just let others a sneak peek into your tee.

Style it with just a coat

This is a no fail classic simple street style winter look which you will often see people carrying with confidence everywhere. Some of the meaningful suggestions for you here would be to style your tee with a fur coat and jeans or pair your white tee with a teddy coat and check pants, or you can opt for an all white look with your tee and camel coat. A secret following which you absolutely nail this particular style is to just wear your tee with a thick and warm coat on. Heels will add to your look making it seem more powerful and a statement piece or if you want, you can keep it simpler with just your flat shoes or sneaks.

Style your oversized tees the right way

This look isn’t really that easy to sport as you might think it is. You might be in love with your oversized t shirts but wearing them in style during the winter season can cost you some real efforts as you have to cover that big tee in order to not freeze to death. Nevertheless, some recommendations here would be to carry your oversized tee with leggings and a puffer coat which will give you a laid back sporty style or you can match them with your skirts with a shaggy fur coat.

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