Sublimated T-Shirts – What Makes It So Popular?

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  • February 9, 2016

Men’s fashion trends are an ever expanding and dynamic matrix! Men and their T-shirts share a close bond. Casual or trendy, basic or funky – there’s something for every man in the T-shirts department that defines their attitude and complements their style.

Recently, the new style on the block is sublimated T shirts for men. Sublimation was initially prominent in the sports sector, where printed Tees, jerseys, jackets and other accessories were designed and manufactured with vibrant, distinctive design pattern to identify one team from the other. Today, sublimated printing has made it to men’s T-shirts zone with the wholesale manufacturers coming up with new design variations. Therefore, if you own a retail store featuring stylish apparel for men, this is one category of T-shirts that demands your attention. Placing a bulk order will increase your store footfall, increase consumer goodwill and double your profits.

Popularity of Wholesale Sublimated Tees

Recently, men (mostly the youth) have switched to T-shirts with sublimated prints. The primary reasons for this shift are because of the following reasons:

Something unique – Young men are often impressed by any new fashion trend. They love to stay updated and get noticed for the same. Sublimated T-shirts reflect new age, urban fashion. Being manufactured 100% polyester fabric of a premium quality, this type of T-shirt is a class apart than other generic T-shirt options.

Individual style – The wholesale sublimated t shirts come in a variety of designs. The designs vary from being bold chunky prints, abstract patterns, logos, caption prints and the like. This makes it easy for fashion conscious men to seek their individual style and choose the ones that reflect their attitude completely.

Sporty and smart – Most men love to dress in a sporty manner. They are in search for T-shirts that will have a sport appeal with its design but in a subtle manner, without appearing loud. Sublimated T-shirts fits the bill completely. These T-shirts are also available in various number prints that looks like a sport jersey and yet stylish. These T-shirts can be paired up very well with a pair of denims, khakis, Bermudas, cargo pants and even shorts and Capri trousers.

Durability – Sometimes what looks stylish isn’t long lasting! Sublimated shirts being made of 100% polyester fabric are durable and can withstand everyday rough use. The prints too don’t get faded with minimal use.

Want to add this collection to your existing men’s apparel stock? Today, there are ace sublimated t shirts manufacturers available online. You can browse and generate an initial contact by sending an email and follow up on the same to place a bulk order.

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