Sublimated T-Shirts Vs Graphic T-Shirts: Which Style Should You Get For Your Store?

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  • October 27, 2023

Sublimated tees and bulk graphic tees, both are in high demand nowadays. While the former are created using the sublimation printing technique, the latter are designed with the help of screen printing, also known as Silk Screening. Both these methods are widely used to create striking prints on tees.

Wondering which type of tees are better for your business? Continue reading.

The Differences Between Sublimated T-Shirts And Graphic T-Shirts

To come to a decision, it’s important to know the prime differences between the two styles at first.

Complexity Of Print

Sublimated tees can feature different complex designs. You can print digital images, colorful artwork, gradients, and pattern designs. On the other hand, screen-printed tees are better for bold designs containing one or a few colors. Application of gradients can be tricky here and if your design contains it, it may not come out in exactly the same manner as you have imagined it.

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The Quality As Well As The Durability Of The Print

The quality of sublimated tees is eye-gripping. You can print details and fine lines in different colors and they will look sharp and vibrant. As the hues are embedded into the material, they don’t crack and peel or wash out easily. Sublimated tees are long-lasting and durable. Screen-printed tees also display fabulous print quality but they aren’t as great as in sublimation. For example- images on the screen-printed tees won’t come with the same quality as the sublimated tees. Moreover, the colors can fade and the ink can crack or peel after many washes.


Sublimated t shirts are eco-friendly. Such pieces, created on demand, eliminate overproduction. In addition, the sublimation ink used is environment-friendly and non-toxic and doesn’t need a lot of water in comparison to other dye transfer methods. During the production process of the tees, waste is kept to a minimum. On the other hand, when you choose screen-printed tees, it may result in leftover stock and product waste. This particular method is toxic and dirty at times.

In Terms Of Materials Used

Right from polyester to polyester blends to polymer-coated fabrics, sublimated tees are available in various materials. You can also find them in Lycra, neoprene, spandex, nylon, and others. Screen-printed tees can be mostly seen in cotton and cotton blends as the ink cooperates better with such fabrics.

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Number Of Colors

When it’s about colors, sublimated tees support gradients and designs with multiple colors. And as for screen-printed tees, designs with one or a few colors work best. By and large, their seasonal collections are accessible for purchasing in only half a month or months after delivery.


Order for sublimated tees is perfect for both small and large quantities. You can print as many or as few tees as you need. However, screen printing is generally more suitable for bulk orders.

You are now aware of the differences between the two and these differences will help you to make a firm decision.


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