Stylish Ways Of Flaunting Your Wholesale Tank Tees

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  • May 30, 2015

As a woman, you must be bored of your wardrobe and must be on the constant lookout for something new? Well, what better to use your existing stuff in the wardrobe in different ways to come up with new outfits. Like for example, wholesale tank tees are a wardrobe staple. So, you can wear the very same tank top in a different manner, instead of investing in a new stock of clothes.

Here are few stylish tricks which are easy to apply and gives effective results.

Wear it over a Cardigan or Flannel

Who said tank tops can be worn only during summer season? Well, you can use it in winter as well. Just wear a cardigan over it and keep the buttons open so that your tank top is visible. Make sure both the layers are of contrasting colors to make it more appealing to the eyes. How about wearing a flannel shirt over the tank top? This indeed would be an awesome style statement to make. The plaid pattern over a monochromatic base would look just wonderful.

Tie a Scarf Around

Your wardrobe has lots of printed scarves that are just lying as a waste in some part of the drawer? Then just take those out and wear it along with a tank top. It will look charming and sophisticated.

Over Sized Top

Have a nice top in your wardrobe but you aren’t able to wear it because of its deep neckline? Instead of letting it waste, wear it over a tank tee. This way your unused clothes will be well utilized and the end product, that is the outfit will come out to be chic and fabulous.

Long Sleeve Tops

You have a long sleeve top of which you are bored? Add life to it by wearing a tank top over it. This will give your outfit a different appearance. This style trick works when the color combination of both the tops are remarkable.

Well, now you know a lot on how to make a style statement with these tank tops. If you are into clothing business and are looking to buy these in bulk, then you can get in touch with tank tees suppliers. Tank tees manufacturers will give you choices and better pricing also.

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