The Style Etiquettes To Wear The Preppy Graphic Tees Wholesale Pieces

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  • December 4, 2017

Can there be anything funnier than sporting the colourful and thoughtful graphic tees? If you are looking for dynamic vibes fused with colours and style, you need to choose the wide array of graphic tees that are brought in by the leading wholesale designers. These tees help people define new looks, ensembles and experiment with their style statements quite effortlessly, as they are easy to style. Now, women often get confused on how to dress up in the preppy and fashion forward graphic tees, and fail to channelize the proper silhouettes for different occasions.

The graphic tee that you own might be party appropriate, or you would like to pull it off for your airport look. No matter where you are wearing it, just make sure to be consistent with your personal touch, and add the recent trends and highlights to present yourself with a holistic approach. The wholesale brands are bringing in the widest graphic tees wholesale assortment to spruce up the collections of the retail stores, and help them woo the graphic tee lover customers.

Here are some of the style etiquettes to don the graphic tees.

Make sure to choose tasteful graphics

There will be some graphic tees that are not tasteful and reflect inappropriate ideas and messages. Thus, you should make sure to eschew the ones that are dignified, and classy, with the fun quotient remaining intact. The sayings or artwork they present should be apt to the occasion where you are carrying off the tees to, and make you look smart and elegant. Thus, always go for the graphic tees that are thoughtful.

Wearing them with jeans is the safest option

The best style choice to match up with the graphic printed tees would be the jeans or the denim leggings. No matter what cut or style of the tee is, they are safe to be paired with the denim trousers, from wide legged to slim fit or the ripped ones. The jeans look smart with the graphic tees and you can wear them at the airport to for casual strolls and even on weekend errands.

Stop wearing them with the cut off shorts

The slouchy, messy and highly casual style of pairing the graphic tees with the cut off denim shorts look outdated, and very childish. Instead, you can just stick to the sassy looks in the denim pants and get the edgy appeal that you were looking for.

Always consider the place or occasions you are wearing the graphic tees

The dynamic graphic tees must be worn according to the context or event or the place. Women should take the time to consider how appropriate a single graphic tee is for an event or location. Thus, make sure, you don’t end up wearing a jazzy or too funky graphic tee for an official meeting with suit.

Go age appropriate

There are plenty of graphic tee options available in the retail stores for the women, and they should consider wearing them according to their age. You can’t wear something that make you look like a kid, and hence the idea that you are reflecting through them is very crucial to be understood.

Never over accessorize them

The graphic tees themselves are very preppy and colourful, and hence you need not accessorize them too much with jewelleries. A set of chunky bracelets would be enough to add to the printed graphic tees.

Thus, rock the graphic tees and embrace the confidence that is required to style them up perfectly.


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