Start Your Own T Shirt Revolution with These DIY T Shirt Options

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  • May 18, 2016

Contemporary fashion equation has evolved dramatically over the past decade with the reigns of design and style placed firmly in the hands of the wearers. This basically means that wearers are at complete liberty to express their fashion ideas even if it is nothing more than snip snapping old T-shirts to give them a new look. In fact, bending blah t-shirts in creative ways to make them strikingly appealing is gaining massive popularity these days especially among the younger population. some of these ideas are worth trying at home simply because they are a great way to make your spare time more productive and make old t-shirts useful than having them rot in the recesses of your closet…

Crop the Sleeves and Neckline

This is one of the easiest and peppiest ideas that are commonly put to use. If a certain t-shirt is way too boring with regular sleeves and a regular neckline, take a pair of scissors and get rid of the mundane. Cutting out a larger boat neck and armholes is assured to make the t-shirt more summer-friendly with greater pool and beach compatibility. They can also make worthy gym wear options while being just as perfect for casual everyday home wear. Wholesale t-shirt manufacturers are cashing on the crop neck and sleeve options owing to their popularity. The truth is, you can make your own right at home.

Bedazzle / Fabric Paint your name

If you have a bare basic tees wholesale that may have outlived its days of glory, you can reuse the same by adding your own touch of creativity. Pick up a brush and choose your favorite shades in fabric paint and create a difference that you would wish to flaunt. The chest area is the largest and the easiest to paint especially if you are using stencils. If you wish to get more ambitious, you can paint the neckline, sleeve ends, and hem for an outstanding appeal. If you can carry a bedazzled patch (not recommended for 25+ wearers), go right ahead!

Fray / Crop the Bottom or Add a Knot

This is also counted among the easiest ways to give your old t-shirt a facelift. Simply run a pair of scissors at waist length with a slight concave cut to make a cool crop t-shirt. You can also maintain the length while cutting out the sides to allow a hot knot around the waist. Fitted t-shirts can be frayed at the hem to give them a tasseled look. It looks simply amazing!

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