Sporting a Graphic Tees: How Easy Or How Hard It Is?

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  • March 8, 2023

What many think is, wearing graphic tees is easy when it actually isn’t. Throw it on in the wrong way and it will make you look horrible, reducing you to a subject of a hearty laugh.

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Thinking ‘’what’s the right way to sport a graphic tee?’’ To find the answers, read on.

Pick The Graphic TShirt Wisely

Just like how there are good graphic tees, there are ‘’bad ones’’ as well (yes, the ones that feature a ‘bit too funny’ quotes). The good ones? Well, here, the most essential thing is the message that you are trying to convey. Always go for a graphic that’s either a great picture or is saying something that won’t earn you awkward stares or smirks. Usually, white or black backgrounds are considered the best, since they don’t distract the viewer and let them focus on the picture or the text.

About Its Fit

When are out on graphic tees shopping, you need to see how it fits. Ensure that it’s not too long or too big. It’s better to grab something that offers a snug fit. If you can pinch between 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach then the fit of your tee is just perfect. It’s too long if it’s covering your butt. A graphic tee should always end around your hip.

Wear Them With Reliable Layers

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A solid white or black base color in graphic tees makes it easy for you to layer with other clothing pieces in your wardrobe. You can try it with a button-up, a pullover, a denim jacket, or even a sports or blazer jacket. And no, this isn’t the limit. A graphic tee is of course casual but you can dress it up and make it look really amazing if you want. You can style a graphic tee with a suit! For example, graphic tees with a white base can be effortlessly styled with a suit and simple, casual sneakers. When you wear one in this way, you make it look more artistic. Mixing something that’s conventionally casual with something formal results in just the right balance between elegance and creativity.

And The Best Footwear Is…?

The coolest footwear to wear with graphic tees is something casual. Based on the base of your tee, you should try a minimalist sneaker, black or white. If you want then you can also wear casual dress shoes such as Chelsea boots and derby. To avoid making it look too much formal, partner them with jeans.

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