Rocking your white tees – Fresh fashion tips for boys

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  • July 4, 2023

A white t-shirt is the closet staple for dudes everywhere in the world. But styling them can get a bit monotonous unless you dress them up or dress them down smartly without going for the obvious. We’ve listed some of the flamboyant white tees looks to take inspiration from to lend a dynamic touch to your casual outfit. If you’re a private label business owner, eager to source your stock of boy’s tees, make sure to collab with a promising t-shirt supplier, also famous as the best among sustainable compression tshirt manufacturers.

White Tee + Unbuttoned shirt + Dark denim

White t-shirts are the perfect clothing pieces to wear under a checked open shirt. Layer a shirt exhibiting striking check prints with your white tee, keeping the front buttons open, and team this with your dark-colored jeans in blue or black. This dashing ensemble will surely fuse panache with a relaxed feel to make you a heartthrob!

Tucked White T-shirt + Trousers

Want to wear your white tee for a smart-casual occasion? Then, tuck your basic white t-shirt with a crew neck into well-fitting black trousers. This outfit does resemble men’s apparel in the 1950s but you can give it a modern twist by throwing on classic white sneaks and a neutral-hued chore jacket.

White Tee + Indigo-Colored Selvedge Jeans

Want to pull off James Dean’s hit styling in a contemporary manner? Then, first, combine an oversized white t-shirt with tapered selvage jeans in an indigo hue. Add canvas low-top white sneakers to this uber-cool ensemble and roll up your sleeves for extra swag.

White T-Shirt + Black Leather Jacket

Going out for a date or a party at the club? Then, you can pair your crisp white tee with black trousers and layer this outfit with a dapper leather jacket to spike up your fashion game with this steezy combination of black and white. Finish this handsome look with shiny black boots to entice your lady!

White Tee + Black Pants + Bomber Jacket

As the bomber has transformed into go-to men’s apparel this season, it’s a great choice to wear with your crew neck white t-shirt. Layer your midsize black bomber jacket with a casual white tee and finish this stylish ensemble with black trousers and loafers of the same color to create a monochromatic balance.

White T-Shirt + Denim Jacket + Contrasting Jeans

A white tee with jean jacket is a classic combo that’s easy to wear. Up for a casual meetup with friends or to see a match with them? Then, it can be a cool idea to layer your blue denim jacket with your white tee and team it with black or beige jeans to look trendy and hot. You can choose jeans in any contrasting hue, in fact, to exude dynamism.

White Tee + Zip-Up Hoodie + Trainers

Want your get-up to evoke streetwear vibes? Or, are you looking for something to wear to the gym? Then, maintain the synchronized tone of your athleisure outfit by pairing your white tee with a navy-colored hoodie and joggers of the same hue. Add funky trainers to complete this lounging appearance.

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