‘Pulling A Perfect Crop Top-Look’- Celebrities Secret Diary

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  • June 1, 2016

Have you ever seen a celebrity hit outdoors in dull crop top but totally pull off the wear and look outstanding? Well, of course you have; we all have- plenty of times. No, they don’t have any magical power and neither do they have that much of charisma (oh, except for queen Beyonce). They simply follow few rules and tips that help them top the style-o-meter.

Here we bring you 7 such tips straight from celebrities’ secret diaries. Take note, giddy up to pull a perfect crop top-look and thank us later.

1. Black is the queen of tank top kingdom. It is the safest of colors and can get along with any shade of bottoms pretty easily. Plus they look good in any kind of social setup. No wonder celebrities pick black tank tops often. So when in doubt, go with this safe option.

2. Print tanks are very popular today. Make sure you pick one try it with boyfriend jeans, high waist skirt or denim shorts.

3. If you’re wearing these tanks casually or if you have a laid back personality, pick one that is baggy. It will complement your personality well and make you look much relaxed.

4. Layering is a tricky land, having the right color combination is very crucial. Unless you’re very sure of anything, the simple rule is- your tank and outwear must have contrasting shades. So, if you’re going with white tank, go with darker variations of shirt or jacket.

5. About bottoms, always go with high-waist pants or skirts if you’re wearing high tank tops; while if your wearing baggy and long ones, low waist bottoms are good.

6. Avoid wearing causal shoes with these tanks. Simple and standard sandals or slipper will help you go a long way.

7. Finally, pick a variety of tank top that you’re comfortable to wear and not because everyone is wearing that. If you’re not cool with bare stomach, you get plenty of other varieties. Top wholesale womens crop tops manufacturers offer many custom varieties that cater a diverse range of needs and preferences.

These are the seven things that we have gathred after going through hundreds of examples and images of top celebrities. Follow them and you can never go wrong with your tank top-look. Also, if you’re a clothing business owner, purchase such varieties of wholesale crop tops tees that are more likely to sell; varieties that even the celebrities can’t get enough of. Get in touch with good t shirt suppliers today.

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