One Blank T-shirt and 3 ways to Style it to Look your Best

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  • July 8, 2017

Blank t-shirts are like an open canvas, waiting for you to incorporate your own style into them. In general, when it comes to men’s sartorial department, a t-shirt and jeans stand out for obvious reasons. T-shirts in particular have become a part of the game and are often considered to be a staple. Given that they started as an undergarment, the climb that they have made in the elite fashion circuit is marvelous and nothing short of praise. Be it having the perfect fit or the right color, t-shirts are and will always be our favorite.

Appropriate for almost all occasions, blank t-shirts with their immense possibilities, offer much more than anticipated. So how do you style a blank t-shirt?

Before proceeding, get one thing clear- blank t-shirts are nothing but a tee that comes in a single shade and has almost no prints and patterns. They are often crafted using cotton and are widely popular for being at the pinnacle of comfort. So again, the question is how to wear a blank t-shirt?

Picking one blank t-shirt in white, let us see how you can dress it for 3 different occasions.

Casual Jamboree

Since the identity of a t-shirt is much associated with the casual flavor, so it only makes sense you wear it for day-to-day gatherings with friends or family. Now jeans are the most inconspicuous pairing you make with a blank t-shirt, there is other bottom wear as well, which in all their glory can add to the subtle extravagance of the same. Pick a pair of knee-length shorts in earthly tones and team it with the white tee. A pair of loafers will add a decree of smartness to the entire ensemble. So be it going for a cup of coffee or just the weekly errand run, this is the most balanced look to try out.

Friday Night Live

Blank t-shirts manufacturers incorporate textures with the t-shirts to give it a subtle yet eye-catching finish. This makes it possible to be worn for a crazy night out with friends. Hitting the club requires you to dress a bit. So when wearing a white blank tee, team it with a pair of black tailored jeans and a textured black bomber jacket. The monochromic undertone always works well, regardless of the place of visit. Wear a pair of black military boots or white plimsolls, depending on the mood and club entry requirement (that has to be taken into serious consideration). Keep the rest of the look simple for a hard-hitting guise.

Office -Office

When wearing formal clothes, especially for the office, remember to balance staunch formality with spontaneity for a more gathered appearance. This requires you to pick clothes very carefully. A blank t-shirt in white teamed with a pair of chinos in dark colors, and loafers are all you need to make a jaw-dropping appearance. A structured blazer, in a neutral shade, thrown over can act as a conventional piece. Your colleagues will surely praise your simple yet highly effective style.

So pick a blank t-shirt in any hue you want to and style it accordingly to look distinct. Take a cue from the above-mentioned ensembles, and get complimented everywhere you go. Blank t-shirts manufacturers have the same in a variety of colors that can be purchased in bulk by retailers at discounted rates.

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