Nothing Makes A More Bold Fashion Statement Than The Iconic Polo Shirt

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  • October 8, 2015

The humble polo shirts have an indisputable place in fashion history although, not high-fashion history due to its association with golf pros, prep-school boys and suburban dads. But that scenario is fast changing because polos are back in an updated version of themselves and are way cooler. A number of designers have worked really hard to make this wardrobe staple fit for sportswear as well as the runway!

This spring season, be ready to witness polo’s worn in every occasion -from casual to dressier – and paired up with almost everything from trousers to shorts.

The Timeless Trend

The polo shirt is a fashion statement that can’t go wrong unless one is trying really hard to mess it up. It’s a classic shirt that suits almost every body type and shape and gives the wearer an immediate sleekness. For people wanting to nail the formal look in a short amount of time, polo’s are definitely the go-to item as it has this uncanny charm about it that instantly gives a put-together look. Retailers ought to really buck up their product offerings by purchasing cheap polo t shirts wholesale to stay above the competition.

A Creative Spin

Polo shirt manufacturers in USA and designers have felt the need to give this iconic shirt trend a creative spin to make it more contemporary, modern and appealing to the younger crowed. They have successfully crafted a range that is much more trendy and no longer just limited to solid colors but available in a number of varied hues and tones and even prints and patterns. The polos can officially be worn everywhere – from office to walk in the park to a golf game and even to a pub with a group of friends. Retailers and business owners will unlimited options with which to woo their customers!

Perfect For Formal And Casual Occasions

The most crucial part about polo shirts is getting the fit right. It simply cannot be too loose or too tight! Once the wearer has nailed the fit, polo’s can be worn for both formal and casual occasions with perfect ease and poise. For people wanting to become the centre of attention at a formal event, can simply pair it up with chinos, dark trousers, blazer and smart shoes. For a more relaxed and casual look, it can be simply worn with a pair of jeans or shorts and trainers. This is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing item that can be mixed and match to suit any occasion, situation and seasons. Retail and wholesale customers should partner up with a distributor of navy blue polo shirts to have more variety to offer customers.

Renowned polo shirts manufacturers can really help all those associated with the clothing business expand and increase their inventory to woo the modern, fashion-conscious men of today!

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