Mens Flannel Fashion Ideas: How to Style The Wardrobe Staple

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  • May 6, 2022

Many pieces of clothing can be tried, but only a few are stylish, comfortable, and simple to wear at the same time. Flannel is one of those timeless men’s fashion staples that never go out of style. Wearing a flannel shirt today is as trendy as it was a decade ago, if not more so.

So, what is a flannel shirt, and how do you wear one?

Let’s get started.

A hooded leather jacket and a flannel shirt

On a flannel shirt, a hooded leather jacket can appear to be the same as a conventional leather jacket. That, however, is not the case. A leather jacket appears to be well-made and well-cut. A hooded leather jacket, on the other hand, appears calm and laid-back but not particularly elegant.

Hooded leather jackets come in two basic styles. The first is a hooded leather jacket, while the second is a fabric jacket.

In general, a flannel shirt from popular flannel t-shirt suppliers looks better with a leather jacket with a cloth hood.

A trench coat and a flannel shirt

The trench coat and flannel combo are for those who like the look of a leather jacket over their beloved flannel shirt but want a little more coverage. This might be one of the greatest winter clothes in your arsenal, especially if you live in a cold climate.

By modifying a few details, you may create various looks with this outfit. For example, a tucked-in flannel with a slim black tie to tie the whole ensemble together has a different feel than a tucked-in flannel with a slim black tie to tie the whole outfit together.

Flannel Pants, Flannel Shirt

Looking for the utmost in lightweight comfort without having to leave your jammies at home? Even if this clothing is the coziest thing you’ve ever seen, it’s not appropriate for anything more than pure casual.

This outfit is perfect for going grocery shopping, hanging out with your pals on the weekend, or going for a coffee down the street.

One thing to remember is to avoid matching the color and pattern of the flannel shirt with the flannel pants.

Leather pants and a flannel shirt

Leather pants, yes, you read it properly. Because they aren’t very common, you may have never seen one before. However, they do exist and are comfortable, especially in the winter when the winds are chilly. With leather trousers, your shirt options are quite restricted.

Fortunately, all you need are a few colorful flannel shirts to put together some of the most memorable costumes. This outfit is especially ideal for parties and other enjoyable get-togethers.

Denim and flannel

Denim and flannel, particularly cotton flannel, are a marriage made in heaven. A blue denim jacket, blue pants, black sneakers, and a maroon flannel shirt appear to be too good to be true. It is, however, genuine, and you may wear it today with little to no effort.

If you don’t want to go all-blue, a pair of black pants and a gray denim jacket can do, if not preferable in certain circumstances.

A leather duster with a flannel shirt

Let’s be a little creative with our clothing ideas and come up with something unique. Yes, flannel shirts and leather dusters not only complement each other, but they also make some very unusual ensembles.

The principle is straightforward. You just layer a leather duster over a basic flannel shirt and pants ensemble. How excellent can it appear to be?

As it turns out, quite a bit. But keep in mind that this isn’t something you’d want to wear every day. When you do decide to wear this outfit, you’ll attract more attention than someone driving a Lamborghini.

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