How To Look Your Best In a Pocket Tee Shirt

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  • December 18, 2022

:cSuggeSsggeSuOne of the most fashionable yet basic t-shirts for men is a pocket tee. If you don’t have them then you should invest in some soon as they do a great job as an everyday t-shirt.

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Four Best Pocket Tee Styling Tips

Styling a pocket tee isn’t that difficult, however, if you are thinking ‘’I would need some help to create great outfits’’ then here are some useful suggestions for you, following which you will be a pocket t-shirt style expert in no time.

The Suggestion of Some Outfit:

  • If you are someone who’s always into the casual fashion game but would like to style the pocket tee in a more refined way then consider partnering it with chinos. There are different types of chinos available these days. Pair it with one that has a more ‘outgoing feel’ to it. Black chinos are classic by the way.
  • Think about wearing a pocket t-shirt along with denim jeans. Jeans are an ever-iconic addition to any casual outfit and with the vast range of colors available, you can easily take your pick (though the blue ones are timeless). When you are lazy and want to go with an absolutely casual look, make sure to put on your daily sports sneakers.
  • Love the layered looks? Club a pocket tee with a quality blazer. If you go to the office in business casuals often then this one can make you look casually sophisticated. Why wear a polo tee always? Settle for a nice pocket tee and get yourself noticed and appreciated by your colleagues for your innovative fashion sense. As for the bottoms and shoes, stick to dark blue jeans and ankle-high boots.
  • Another chic layered outfit would be a flannel shirt plus a pocket tee combination, of course, when the weather is a bit cooler. You can style a versatile white pocket t shirt with any pattern or color you like. Just throw on some lightly distressed jeans and boat shoes to finish up the look.

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