How to Iron Your T-Shirt in the Right Way?

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  • April 24, 2021

It is not easy to find high quality t-shirts these days, despite the availability of so many clothing stores. Many of these combine comfort and style, but it is often tough to get the best ones. Even when you get high quality t-shirts from the best t-shirts manufacturers, which might probably even be tailored for you in a custom fit, it is even more essential for you to care properly for them to ensure that these can last for a long time to come. To keep your custom fit tailored tshirts wrinkle free at the time of wearing, Ironing is extremely essential.

Here is how to iron your shirt in a proper way.

Ensure that it is a little damp

As you iron a t-shirt, you have to ensure that it is a little damp when you use a hot iron. When you do this, it can prevent your fabric from getting damaged. You can get the same result when you use a steam iron.

Focus on the collar’s underside

You have to begin the ironing process with the collar’s underside. You would like to begin from the collar’s pointed tips and then move to the rear side of the neck region. Later, you have to flip over your t-shirt and apply the same technique for your collar’s front side.

Focus on the t-shirt’s yoke

Next, move to the yoke of your custom fit t-shirt. Begin at the neck area and then iron to its center. In case you have got a pleated t-shirt, you have to go on ironing in the same direction as your t-shirt’s fold – so that it is not ruined in any way. This is a tip that many t-shirt and wholesale crop top vendors do not tell you, for obvious reasons.

Iron the cuffs

You have to iron the cuffs in just the same way as the collars. Turn those inside out. Begin by ironing the underside area. Start again from the edges and shift to the middle.

Iron the torso

The torso is the final area of your t-shirt that you have to go on ironing to. Begin from the top section and carefully work to the right from the left, working down all the way. Move to the right panel from the left one, which can ensure that every section of your t-shirt is ironed equally well. Remember to iron your t-shirt not over the buttons but in between them.

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