How to and How Not to Wear Graphic Tees: A Guide For Men

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  • January 5, 2024

Wearing a graphic t-shirt isn’t as easy as you think. Get it right and you will be praised for your style sense. Get it wrong and people will laugh at you behind your back. So, if you want to look your best in them for sure, then remember these dos and don’ts discussed below:

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Do Wear T-Shirts that Fit You Properly

A graphic t-shirt must fit you properly. Go for something too tight and your flesh will bulge out in weird ways here and there, go for something too loose and you will appear like a kid playing dress-up. Your t-shirt should lightly hug your body without restricting your movement. There should be just a few inches of slack when you pinch the cloth.

Don’t Wear Them to Formal Settings

Though many style these tees for the office, with some even sporting them to client meetings, still, graphic tees aren’t something that you can wear to your workplace. They are mainly designed as casual wear. To look your best and professional at the office, consider styling button-down shirts.

Do Layer Them Up

With an extra layer of outerwear, graphic tees can look more amazing. A denim blazer or jacket in particular can balance the visual activity on your shirt. The mixing of formal and informal can take your look to the next level if you are going for a smart casual vibe, for example, while going out of town, at the office, or while meeting your girlfriend. If you wish you can also wear a long-sleeve tee beneath your graphic tee.

Don’t Go for T-Shirts that are ‘a Bit too Funny’

As you know, other than interesting images, graphic tees are also available in different kinds of texts and slogans. However, it’s better not to opt for something that displays a quote that is ‘’a bit too funny’’. You don’t want people giving you awkward stares, do you?

An additional tip is to never over-accessorize a graphic tee. Avoid wearing oversized earrings, quirky pants, and jackets. A bracelet or a simple leather watch is enough! Why? Because they can strengthen the vibe of your t-shirt and complement it well!

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