Here Is How You Can Grab The Perfect Running T Shirt!

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  • January 12, 2024

New to running? Wondering what to wear on your runs? A running tee is what you are going to need for sure. Such a tee can keep you dry, prevent chafing, and help you give your best.

How to Choose The Best Running T-Shirt

With the manufacturers bringing a wide variety of wholesale running t shirts, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Do you want some quality tips on how to grab the best running t-shirt? Keep reading.

Keep the weather in mind when purchasing the running tee. You can choose to opt for a tank top or a short-sleeve running tee if you are someone who loves to run in hot weather. You will be sweating a lot in hotter temperatures, so make sure your tee has sweat-wicking properties. You can opt for clothing with more coverage, such as a full-sleeve form-fitting running tee if you reside in a place where there are usually cooler temperatures.

Remember, the fit of your tee matters. The fit directly impacts your movement. Usually, running tees are available in three fits— relaxed cut, closely fitted, and compression fit. If you are looking for a tee that will be able to fit you snugly, then compression tees are meant for you. These tees fit like a second skin. The close-fitted tees also offer a tight fit and are more appropriate for the everyday runner. Coming in a boxier shape, the relaxed-cut tees are slightly loose. These tees allow for better air circulation and free movement. Based on your comfort levels and specific needs, you can opt for any of these fits.

Gone are the days when polyester and cotton were the only fabric choices available for running tees. These days, running tees come in a variety of fabrics, that are based on their weight. The categories are often referred to as midweight and lightweight. They provide you with the option of choosing tees that come with more thermal qualities or are quick to dry. Certain technical materials also have anti-bacterial properties that keep you fresh even after a long, sweaty run.

Every runner comes with his or her requirements and personal preferences that closely influence their purchase. Other than the above-mentioned things, many running tees come with additional features— from pockets to keep your essentials like an energy bar and phone inside to reflective strips on the t-shirts.

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