Here is How to Form Chic Looks Out of Basic Tees

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  • August 25, 2023

No matter the country, ethnicity, or age, every lady has at least a few t-shirts piled in her closet in one corner. Whether it’s for the gym, doing daily errands, or just for sleeping, no woman can do without them. However, most are of the opinion that basic tees being too plain and simple can’t be worn to any happening event or lively occasion.

Do you think the same? Well, you can’t be more wrong then! There are uncountable ways to transform these tees to make them an essential part of a large variety of stunning looks.

4 Tips on How to Wear A Basic Tee in A More Fashionable Way

  • One of the most versatile clothing pieces that exist is an oversized tee. Make sure you have got plenty of them in your wardrobe along with their appropriate figure-hugging partners. These tees are always more fashionable and eye-catching than tighter, plain tees. When you partner them with leggings and ankle boots, you can rock any casual event. No, not plain solid-colored tees but when you French tuck an oversized graphic tee into the waistband of a leather skirt, it gives you a chic and dressy appearance, suitable for even a party.
  • There is a reason why jeans and tee are an iconic combination. You should never underestimate its power. These pieces are not just casual and comfortable but when you wear them together it gives a refined appearance without you even trying hard, going for accessories. To rock it even more and make it look just appropriate for an event like a friends’ reunion, go for jeans that display embroidered or distressed details. An esteemed bulk t shirts supplier comes with a magnificent assemblage of fantastic, durable t-shirts!
  • If you often attend those occasions that require a little more formality such as a business trip then a basic tee can work wonders. Yes! To make it work-appropriate, you just need to wear one in a neutral color like black, white, or navy and tuck it into fitted dark-wash jeans. Ensure the neckline isn’t too low. Team it up with a blazer and finish the look with black pumps.
  • Shoes have got a lot to do with tees. When you match the perfect pair with a basic tee, it can instantly glam up your look. The right pair can always make you look put together. Picking the correct shoes would depend on the rest of your outfit. Heels are always a safe bet as they get rid of the casual feel that comes with a basic tee.

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