Here is An Easy And Simple Guide on How to Wear Striped Tees

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  • June 19, 2023

An ever-favorite clothing piece for most men? It’s the striped tees! And why not? After all, they can be styled with multiple other items, they are easy to pull off and are simply awesome. The biggest benefit is wholesale striped t shirt suppliers make them available in a wide range of shades, styles, cuts, and sizes. As they are not going to go out of fashion any time soon, given below are the 5 most head-turning striped t-shirt outfit ideas.

Combine with Your Formal Wear

Just like your blazer and trousers, a striped tee is also a wardrobe classic. Why always wear the same boring shirt to your office? Consider giving it a rest on a Friday and instead throw on a tee featuring Breton stripes. Your shoes have a major role to play in this look so if you want to get it right then make sure you are wearing loafers.

Opt for Some Solids

Do you want to know about a cool way to highlight the classic stripes? Combine them with some solids, whether it’s in the form of a rugged military tee or a dark pair of denim jeans. Ask any style expert and you will know that neutral tones work butter-smooth with stripes, so think about opting for black, navy blues, beiges, and dark olives.

Feel Free to Layer

‘’Should I go for horizontal or vertical?’’— this question will probably come to your mind the moment you think about getting one. But why choose just one pattern when you can sport both? If you want to experiment with your look, then consider a horizontal patterned tee, a vertical patterned shirt on top of it, and black chinos. Usually, it offers a charming look as shown by many models.

Dare to Look Different

No, stripes always don’t mean it has to be in black and white. You can go for a change as well. Ditch the usual and bring some colors to your look by choosing vibrant ones such as orange, blue, and green. Nothing like the multicolor stripes to sport in summer.

Cuts and Holes

Whenever you think of how to wear a quality striped tee, most probably the first thing that comes to your mind is a pair of jeans. However, if you want to take your look to another level and get a cool, sexy appearance then go for skinny distressed jeans. Just like your striped tee, they are ultra-stylish and comfortable.

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