Few Wholesale Boys Tees Every Wardrobe Must Possess

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  • February 17, 2016

Are you an avid lover of t-shirts? Then there are few that your wardrobe shouldn’t miss out. A tee vouches for one’s style and comfort easily, being the most versatile clothing. Boys especially feel young in tees, and thus their wardrobe essentials are bound to have a good collection of funky t-shirts. It is no secret that they have charmed every boy and have always been in craze. Keeping in mind this, even the manufacturers are not leaving any stone unturned to bank on the right variety of tees. But no matter what the trend is, boys must be conscious enough while boosting these collections in terms of this casual wear. Thus wholesale boys clothing must include the few basic tees in every boy’s closet so that their fashion statement stays intact for long.


Here are a few of the basic tees which every boy must possess:


With the advancement of technology, sublimation printing has given way to a  very unique form of clothing. Sporting a sublimated tee with digital, graphic, alphanumeric and abstract prints portray one’s fun and jovial side and these fresh prints come in a very colourful and vibrant range. Perfect for any day out or pool party, they look absolutely stunning with casual denims and shorts.


The new range of tees without any stitching is perfect for regular wear and tear. If you want a clothing to last long ensuring both comfort and style, then seamless ones are the best for you. Wash them frequently and see no fading of fabric or colour, that too in a very affordable price. Boys tees manufacturers are producing these in solid and subdued shades sans prints and patterns.

Flannel tees

With flannel arising atop in the mainstream of the fashion industry, tees too are a new direction due to this. Flannel tees are becoming an eye catcher and every boy must own at least one of these. In classic checks and plaid patterns, these look quite smart and dashing. Team them up with any denim or even khaki pants for better impact.

Tie and dye tees

Quirky tie and dye patterned tees are gaining a lot of momentum today. With a medley of colours and amazingly artistic patterns, they are a sure hit in the fashion scene today. You can get them in vibrant colour combinations in a myriad of deigns and varieties. Select the perfect colour mishmash and get patterns like Yin-yang, fan-fold, heart and other distorted and undefined shapes. Thus owing to all the zest they contain, tie dye shirts for boys are a must have in your collection.

Tank tees

Fortifying comfort and a street smart casual style, tank tees for boys are a recent entrant in the fashion scene. With sturdy straps and wide arm holes, they render a very manly poise to your physique and also constitute a part of your active wear range. You can even wear them beneath any jacket or blazer to get a semi-formal or party look.

Thus, while getting fresh new stocks of tees for yourself, do not forget to go through the recent trends of the fashion industry. Even the business owners and retail stores are boosting their stocks from renowned boys tees suppliers to meet all your demands conveniently.

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