Dress Guide to TV’s Most Loved Brothers- Sam and Dean Winchester

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  • January 10, 2017

Twelve seasons, and 249 episodes, Supernatural is one of the longest running dramas on TV. There is no questioning the dedication of the fans who have been loyal to the show for years now. Angels, demons, vampires, leviathans have all captured our interest. The use of classic rocks as background music is stellar. But honestly, it is the hunter brother duo roaming in their 67 Chevy Impala that makes us return to it every week.

Dean and Sam Winchester have had their fair share of adventures, and it is their clothing choices that impress us the most. From boys tees to plaid flannel, they carry each fashion piece with undeniable panache and charm. The convenience with which they defeat their enemies while making a trendy mark, makes us all want to look like that.

TV’s Most Loved Brothers- Sam and Dean Winchester

Hence, today we have decided to dedicate this article for the dynamic brothers and break their dressing style. Read on to find more about their unique yet simple styling.

Dean Winchester: He is an Aquarius and is Adorable

The older Winchester sibling is all about bravura and sexual magnetism. Dean Winchester is the typical overprotective elder brother who loves “saving people and hunting things.” He is easy going and entertaining to point out at the least. His bad boy attitude gets reflected in his clothing choices at large. T-shirts form a very essential part of his wardrobe. He usually opts for round neck blank t-shirt which he further teams with a straight fit jeans and an old classic leather jacket that he inherited from his father. Dean layers his clothes well with military shirts and jackets, which seem practical given the amount they travel. However, we can frequently catch him wearing a modest Henley t-shirt when chilling out in their bunker with his angel buddy Castiel and Sam. He goes for a lot of darker colours that include black, navy and grey. He wears a pair of combat boots which helps him move with ease. Although honestly speaking, we do prefer watching Jensen Ackles without his shirt! Wish that happened all the time!

Sam Winchester: The Power of Bitchface and Lost Shoes

He might be nerdy and a know-it-all, but Sam Winchester is a winner with his mesmerising smile. *melting heart*.  He might now be as lucky with the ladies as his older brother, but his fashion sense is really refined and definitive. He lets his garments complement the gigantic body structure that Jared Padalecki has. If we take a close look at Sam’s wardrobe, it consists of a variety of plaid flannel shirts and V-neck t-shirts. Unlike Dean, Sam highlights his sculpted body which we love honestly. So a tight fitted tee is like a staple for our younger sibling. He too can be seen wearing a lot of solid shades though he opts for lighter versions. Neutral tinges and hues are common picks for him. Hoodies are also regular for Sam, when he goes to save the world with the “family business”. Straight cut jeans and combat boots are his picks which go well with the modest t-shirts and further enhance his chiselled physique. No wonder we fall in love with him every time he gives the puppy dog eyes to Dean. *sigh*

Whether you are a Dean-girl or a Sam-girl, you have to appreciate their commendable clothing choices. Taking inspiration from them, prominent wholesalers t shirts are available online that can be purchased in bulk by retailers when registered online. So dress like them and kick some ass!

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