Cool Print Ideas for Your T-shirts That You Cannot Keep Your Hands Off

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  • July 7, 2016

The craze of wearing graphically printed t-shirts, especially dry-fit tees, is becoming bigger day by day with millions of fashionistas finding expressions in them. Now as the trend spreads all over the world virally, it gets on the nerves of people and refuses to let go of them. So if you are also fascinated with this current fashion statement, then here are some print ideas that you may like to get your t-shirts inked with.


Do you love everything eco-friendly? There are many leading manufacturers who are offering an array of t-shirts with catchy prints of nature quotes and phrases. Choose a quote that can trap attention and be able to make an impact instead of going too preachy with them. Something like “The earth has music for those who listen” can be embossed on the chest of the t-shirt in stylized fonts and colors over the white backdrop. You can also choose different shades for the words and send your preferred designs to the t-shirt manufacturers to wear with denim jeans or shorts in support of our environment.


You know you are a foodie when you feel like eating right after seeing a delicious piece of cake, sinfully yummy chocolate, or just a plate of pasta, even if you finished your plate only 5 minutes earlier. Well, we cannot define a foodie really. if you really consider yourself one, then get it imprinted all over your t-shirts. You can adorn them with some fresh and arresting quotes such as “My love begins with food” and “I’m obsessed with food” that can truly speak your mind as you live to eat.

Fitness club owners can also find these foodie-inspire quotes in reverse ideas to motivate their members and get them imprinted on the black or white base of the dry-fit shirts wholesale. So visit a reputed manufacturer today and place your order with custom requirements.

Sports Lovers

Be it soccer or baseball, you cannot miss a single match on T.V., and most times you make sure that you be at the place to cheer for your team. So as you plan to watch the entire game with your friends, be all set to make the most of your time. Get your hands on a t-shirt with the print of your favorite player or with a quote that justifies your love for the sport. For instance, the ones with the “Life is a sport. Make it count” quote in white and green color combination on the black base can be quite appealing for the eyes. So wear your tee and team it with loose-fit pants and make sure that you hoot the loudest.

Gizmos Geeks

Are you in love with all things gadgets? Then set your hands on some t-shirts that carry catchy quotes, related to technology. You can find some of these tees with “technology and us” phrases that can connect with lots of people. So no matter what people say about you, be it a tech-savvy or a techie nerd, you go on showing off your affectation for science, gadgets, and technology.

Retailers can extend their stocks with these wholesale graphic tees and send their custom designs and other needs to their trustworthy manufacturers to get their bulk orders delivered to their doorsteps.

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