Cool New Micro-Trend Print Ideas for the Gen-X

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  • June 9, 2016

Listening Audio Version:- Cool New Micro-Trend Print Ideas for the Gen-X

Trends may come and go but one item that remains the ultimate wardrobe staple is a piece of t-shirt that can only get molded into different shapes, designs, and prints to quirk up the fabric. To speak about the trend, this season the micro-prints are on a roll that are dolling up the t-shirts with cheeky embroideries across the chest. As Leonardo Di Caprio’s inspirational speech at the Oscars has created a buzz with eco-friendly prints, there’s more to look forward to that can give a shape and voice to your ideas and cravings, providing you with oodles of comfort and relaxation while you move around the town.


Leonardo Di Caprio’s slogan to save the earth from global warming has spurted out sporadic responses amongst people across the world, especially those who are environmentalists by heart. Keeping in tune with this, more and more designers are coming up with exclusive print ideas to promote eco-minded behavior. The latest collection features a catchy quote, “Do it for Leo” on the left side of the chest in support of The Revenant star. This limited edition is crafted with a blend of linen and Tencel that are arguably more environment-friendly than any cotton fiber. Available with custom t-shirt suppliers they make for perfect additions to your trendy wardrobe.

Food Fanatic

As the fashion scene is evolving, it is releasing new renditions every season that catches the fancy of fashionistas worldwide. But there’s no way foodies can complain. As far and wild as your imaginations can go, you can conjure up images with catchy quotes or phrases to let others know how much you love food or a particular dish. From the “Eat good, feel good” phrase to” In a relationship with food” status, the quotes can get as diverse as you want. While white might appear to be the perfect backdrop that will allow any quotes to come out brighter and visually appealing, other shades such as red, yellow, and blue can add a dash of color to your outfit, when worn with white denim jeans or shorts. So have a design or print in mind, then get it inscribed on your tee that may well reflect your food cravings in your attitude. Contact one of the most reputed custom t-shirt manufacturers USA to send the print location, base, and design colors of the tees online.

Tech Savvy

In the age of digitalization, it has become an obsession amongst the youth to use new gadgets and find information about them. The soaring popularity of social media is only aggravating this. As a result, they are possessed by the thought to flaunt their gadget love to the world which is being pulled together in a single piece of t-shirt. Have an idea in mind, something like “Get Connected” or “Technology & Us”? Then get it imprinted on your tee or tank top in racerback style to channel a casual vibe. You can also find these tees in different styles such as wide to thin straps, cross back pattern to cut-out on shoulders, and knotted front variety with a wide array of base colors like powder blue, hot pink, and silver-grey, besides white and black those are available by t-shirt distributor online.

Fitness Aficionado

The growing number of gyms and exercise studios, spread across the city, is nothing but a sign that today’s generation is becoming more and more concerned about their health and is making enough efforts to get into the perfect shape, despite the scrunches of time. So having a few t-shirts with updated prints are just ideal to motivate you further, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, fixed on working on your squash board abs, or a budding newcomer, willing to fit into your old dresses and impress the hottie at the gym, the t-shirts with some inspiring quotes like “Push harder than yesterday” can certainly drive you to do better and manifest your fit-to-fab attitude.

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