Baseball Tee Styling Ideas: 4 Cool Outfits

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  • October 10, 2023

A baseball tee is a unique piece. Unlike normal tees, it differs in both stitch as well as design. It comprises a single piece of material that goes all the way to the armpit, thus showing a diagonal look. Additionally, it generally displays only two colors, one on the sleeves and one on the remaining part of the tee.

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Yes, it’s true that a baseball tee isn’t your regular t-shirt but that doesn’t stop you from styling it in different ways. If you are looking for some fresh ideas then you have arrived at the right place.

Before getting to that part, take a look at the following tips which explain what to do and not to, if you want to create great baseball tee outfits:

  • When wearing a baseball tee, never try to overdo your hair. A baseball tee outfit, no matter how much you try, will always be a casual one, so it’s better to wear your hair in a messy bun or low ponytail.
  • Stick to fitted bottoms when opting for baggier baseball tees and vice versa. You can also wear it with pencil skirts for a more sophisticated appearance.
  • Never fold your baseball tee to store, just hang it inside the closet to avoid creases on it.

Go for a baseball tee that is a size bigger than your shirt as this will make sure that you have enough room to wear it with a sweatshirt when needed.

Unusual 4 Baseball Tee Outfits

  • If you prefer to wear your tees tucked in always, then you can take the liberty with a baseball tee as well. Just try and tuck one into fitted trousers or skinny jeans. Planning a day out with someone special? Wear your hair in a half-down or half-up hairdo.
  • You can either wear a checkered button-down with your baseball tee or you can just casually tie it around your waist. This effortless everyday outfit isn’t just easy to style but very easy to carry as well. If you are running errands then a high ponytail or messy bun will be fine.
  • Oh no, baseball tees don’t always just exist in two colors but the two colors can sometimes be accompanied by a nice text or slogan as well! Wear one that speaks your mind with ripped shorts!
  • Are you a full-figured woman? Try styling a baseball tee with a plaid skirt! It will offer you a chic look. You can even add a belt to give more personality to the outfit.

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