A Compact Guide on How to Choose the Right T-shirts for Kids from Wholesale Suppliers

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  • December 21, 2015

Since young children grow quite fast during their toddler years, it is very important to keep ample options at hand, for clothes like tops and t-shirts wear away very quickly due to daily activities. However, if you are a retailer, wishing to expand your business in baby clothes, then the best option will be to contact a reputed baby t shirt wholesale manufacturer online and check out their large collection of cool and funky t-shirts. Now buying from these manufacturers is quite easy once you know how to select the best products for your retail stock.

Material of the Fabric

Since the comfort of children depends primarily on the quality of the fabric, it takes a lot of attention to choose the right fabric for your products. So here you can take a look at some of them.

  • Cotton: There are various types of fabrics to look out for amongst which cotton is the best. From its softness on the skin to its breath ability and durability, this is mostly preferred by parents for their children.

  • Cotton Blends: Since cotton tends to shrink after repeated washes, synthetic fibres like a blend of cotton and polyester works well. However, it can come cheaper than the genuine cotton ones, but some parents like to avoid it as it breaks rashes on the tender skin of kids.

  • Organic: Though organic fabrics are quite expensive in comparison with others, they are great choices for leaving a gentle touch on a baby’s skin.


There are some common styles that you can consider for your stock of baby shirts wholesale. Read on to know about some of them.

  • Regular neck: Though visually appealing the regular neck style is quite difficult to put on for children since they come with a small cut. Parents have to make sure that the garment goes over the kid’ head easily.

  • Snap neck: Unlike the regular neck ones these come with snaps on the neck which extend from one particular side of a child’s neck to his shoulder blades. This is the reason why they can be put on easily without much effort.

  • Button up and Zippers: Button-up and zipper styles are the most sought-after ones amongst parents who have naughty children. So this makes for a good option as they can be buttoned or zipped up and down whenever there is an urgency.

  • Prints and colors : Children are a big fan of cartoon characters. So retailers can avail some of the graphic tees from their wholesale baby clothes manufacturers that provide myriads of options in printed tops. For instance the ones with Batman or Superman motifs are a huge hit with both boys and girls. You can also opt for floral prints which is setting a new trend amongst girls of all ages. But do not forget to get them in vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow and so on which are best to introduce them to the bright aspects of life.

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