Seven Wholesale Graphic T shirts You Must Have on Your Store Shelf!

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  • April 23, 2018

Graphic t shirts are a cult in their own right. There are probably millions in roaming the earth today, wearing nothing but their favorite graphic tees and probably a pair of denims or shorts. Being a retailer, if someone does not try to capitalize in a worldwide/ nationwide market like this, it could well be considered a business sin.

But, this blog is going to be your savior and help you levitate from the dark pits of sin, into a better and more rewarding world of good sales and profits; all because it will pass on the knowledge of 7 different types of graphic t shirts that you must have on your retail store shelf. Missing anyone of them would be a deadly sin, miss them all and you have confirmed your ticket to bad business Hell!

Let’s take a look at each of these 7 wholesale graphic t shirts that are a must-have for retail stores this season

1. Superhero Graphic Tees

Superhero tees are the best thing this season with a ton of releases and crossovers due this summer. As more and more people flock towards comic book stores, everyone wants to show off their loyalty to their caped or masked crusader against evil, and a retailer shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

Stack your shelves with the best collection of super hero tees you can get from your manufacturer and customize the ones you cannot find on their catalog. Remember to stay relevant to the ones that are being debated about in films, YouTube and online forums.

2. Elemental Graphic Tees

Elemental tees aren’t the ones Holmes was talking about! These tees come in designs and prints of the elements, like earth, fire, water, lightning, and nature. No matter how much everyone has grown up, their fascination for elemental designs never seem to fade. This is partly because everyone relates themselves to one or more elements and they want to have a representation of that identification – this is exactly why elemental prints are so in fashion.

3. Sitcom Quotes Graphic Tees

Everyone has their favorite sitcom characters and these characters become so lovable because of how witty they are and what they say. In most cases, people identify to the thoughts of the characters and find them relatable or funny. Having tee shirts with quotes of famous sitcom characters brings together everything that makes a good clothing product; comfort, quirk, relatable, and relevance. The perfect graphic tee concoction.

4. Animal Print Graphic Tees

Humans have always been fascinated by animals and set out to study them and understand their behavior and why they do what they do. In this quest, people have found unique characteristics in all kinds of animals that are also relatable to humans. Something like the pride of a lion, the stealth of a tiger, the cunning of a fox, the guile of a snake, so on and so forth. These qualities fascinate humans and having graphic tees of the animals they love definitely shows a little more into their soul. A must have for tee retailers.

5. Anime Print Graphic Tees

Now, you might point out that the blog has already mentioned superheroes. Yes, but anime stories have nothing to do with regular superheroes and die hard anime fans know what it’s about! Look for the most popular anime trends (read: Dragon Ball, Naruto, Boruto, One Piece etc.) and get printed graphic tees on the famous characters and it’s a guarantee that you will have new customers flocking.

6. Geometric Print Graphic Tees

One for everybody who is in love with shapes and sizes of the world coming together in blissful coherence and looking like an absolute wonder. These are stylish, simple, and a classic for all those people who want a day look. Plus, these come in plenty of colors and patterns too, so one could be anything but bored.

7. Music Group Graphic Tees

Many scientific studies have concluded that people with similar musical tastes are more likely to form a connection than otherwise. So, one can very well imagine the possibilities when one wears their favorite music on their t shirts. Clearly not an opportunity you would like to miss as a retailer.

Now that you have a fair idea of the 7 must-have graphic tees for your retail shelf this season, don’t wait! Make a fresh order list and send it out to your wholesale t shirts manufacturer today!

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