6 Tips for Wearing Crop Tops Regardless Of Your Body Shape

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  • July 6, 2016

The craze of wearing crop tops has left such a gripping impact on the fashion world that everybody from celebrities to commoners has been catching on to this trend in no time. But there is a wide assortment of crop tops in different styles and designs which are meant to suit various body shapes and sizes. However, working a crop top can be really tricky, if you are wearing for the first time. So here we have jotted down a few tips to help you with the styling, no matter what your body shape is.

Crop Tops Wholesale


Choose a Suitable Length

The key point to choosing a crop tops lies in realizing the length of the tail that can suit your body shape. Once you scroll down the choices available at the manufacturing houses, you will find a number of styles that are meant to fit different figures and silhouettes. However, the ones mostly preferred by women are the ones that hang around the waist so that they can go with different body types. To find them appropriate lengths, visit one of the trustworthy t-shirt manufacturers online and check out their gallery of styles.

Say yes to High Waist

If you are quite concerned about the little paunch in your belly or feel shy about baring your midriff a bit too much, then team your cropped top with high rise pants or skirts. This will not only minimize the amount of skin on show but also define your waistline and flatter your shape and silhouette. So contact some of the reputed t shirt suppliers and bank on these tees to wear with high waist trousers and skirts.

Play with the Proportion

There’s no such trick as to how to create a perfect balance with the crop top. But if you can choose a pair of flared pants or a fuller skirt, then, voila, you have done a brilliant job with the proportional act. On the other hand, if you choose cigarette pants, set your hands on a loose-fit or boxy crop tee and pile on a junky neckpiece to notch up your glam quotient when you are going to a cocktail party or a date with your beau. Now it is to be noted that those with petite figure should opt for voluminous and structured tops as opposed to those with curvy shapes who might want to team their sleek and smooth tops with high waist pants.

Go Conservative

No matter how trendy your crop tops are, make sure that your rest of the outfit is conservative while choose a bold crop top style. For instance, the strapless tees goes well with high rise midi skirts while the boxier ones can be worn with tailored-fit shirts or trousers. So the scantier and bolder the crop top, the more conservative the rest of your outfit should be.

Flaunt your Assets

Whether it is your flat stomach or your toned abs, choose a crop top that accentuates your best part and creates a wonderful style statement. However, women with bigger busts might like a bustier-styled crop tee that can add structure to their figure and help show off their perfect curves.

Pile on Layers

For fashionistas there’s no letting go of the chance to wear trendy clothes. But when you are going to a formal and rather conservative event, it is best that you choose a blazer or a jacket which can cover up your mid section and show only a little amount of skin.

As the trend of wearing crop tees has become viral in a few years, the clothing industry is overflowing with a humongous range of choices in styles and fashions most stunning for different structures and shapes of women. So retailers can visit these suppliers online and spruce up their stocks with these crop tops wholesale in bulk.

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