5 Types of Polo Shirts You Should Know About

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  • June 1, 2023

These days, one of the t-shirt styles that are highly in demand in the market is polo shirts and the credit goes to their versatility. No matter what you try to pair one with, a polo shirt always makes you shine. Additionally, because of the comfort they offer, they are the best to wear all around the year, especially in summer.

One of the most reputable polo shirts manufacturers comes with a huge assemblage of stunning, high-quality wholesale polo shirts! Do you have a soft corner in your heart for polos? If yes, you must know about the 5 different polo shirt kinds. Check out the list given below:

Long-Sleeve Polos

Long-sleeve polo shirts are more comfortable and warmer for winter wear. Normally, their sleeves are left unfinished and they can be folded up to the elbows if required. The long-sleeve polo shirts are lighter than pullovers and sweaters and are heavier than cotton. Their collars are usually all buttoned up but if you want then you can also leave them open.

Short-Sleeve Polos

Polo shirts with short sleeves first came into existence and they continue to be the most popular style even today. Short-sleeve polo shirts are just the best for summer as they are mostly crafted out of cotton and are lightweight in nature. Though it’s true that you can rock a polo shirt any time as fashion wear, however, they are the most perfect for sports like golf and tennis.

Pocket Polos

The pocket polo shirts are ideal for people who want to have their essentials within easy reach always. In such a design, the pockets are stitched to the side of the polo shirt. Woolen, cotton, long-sleeved, or short-sleeved— pockets can be found in all sorts of polos. Usually, pocket polo shirts are worn for casual occasions and look great with a pair of shorts.

Woolen Polos

There was a time when polo shirts were only crafted out of pique but now, things have changed. Today, they are also stitched with wool, a more snug and warmer alternative. These shirts come with a V-neck, flappy collars, and a few buttons. As they are worn during winter, they usually come with long sleeves. When the temperature is mild, their function is quite similar to sweaters.

Pique Polos

A kind of cotton fabric that is woven to look ribbed is pique. Most polo shirts are made out of this material. Pique has a soft but granular feel which is the very reason behind the stretchable texture of the Pique polos. Pique polo shirts are also very long-lasting.

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