4 Modern T-Shirt Styles That You Can Consider Wearing This Year

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  • October 9, 2018

When you look in your wardrobe, you might get a bombarded with the number of tees that you own. There’s no doubt that tees are the most comfortable and versatile pieces of clothing that a man can own. But when you’re out for shopping for some of these you might get confused as which one you should choose. Hence, a guide has been given for you below, to understand the kind of tees that you should invest in that can give you some comfort in the style department as well as durability. There are many modern t-shirt styles like the wholesale dri-fit t-shirt, longline t-shirt or linen one that has been introduced in the market, that you can have a look at. All of the t-shirts mentioned below are attributed with special features that will definitely make your wardrobe stand-out.

The short-sleeved Henley t-shirt

Chances are that you already own a collarless grandad shirt or a Henley top, but a Henley T-shirt is something that is superbly summer appropriate and should be included in your wardrobe. There’s no doubt that the light-colored ones are suitable for those with a gym membership. But those with an extra poundage and carry off the black and navy colors well and can style their outfits accordingly.

The colored t-shirt

The white crew-neck t-shirt has long prevailed as the go-to style for men, from Marlon Brando to Ryan Gosling, everybody loved to sport this look. But now with acceptance of pop colors in the main-stream fashion these shirts are available in an array of tropical and pastel colors as well. A solid colored t-shirt in either a primary colored shade or a neutral one can look really fashionable if paired with the appropriate complementary pieces.

The longline t-shirt

You may have noticed that in the recent years, the hemline of the t-shirt has dropped gradually. You can attribute it to the experimental fashion movements that has been introduced to the unique menswear concepts that the fashion designers have come up with. Longer lengths might look a little ridiculous on men, but shorter ones are a great one for pairing up with jackets.

Dri-fit t-shirt

Now this one is a revolutionary invention in the fashion industry. These t-shirts are made not only to make you look good but to help you get rid of sweat quicker as well. Yes, talk about performance! These dri-fit t-shirts wholesale is suitable for any kind of intensity driven activity as well as casual summer outings, because either way you’re are going to sweat.

Make sure to select the pieces that will benefit you in the long run. Hence, retailers can have a look at the immense modern and stylish t-shirt collection of the wholesalers and order for the desired pieces by dropping a mail to the help team.

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