Workout Dates-5 Tips to Charm Your Way with Stylish Fitness t shirts

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  • June 4, 2016

Audio Version:- Workout Dates-5 Tips to Charm Your Way with Stylish Fitness t-shirts

Gym workout is to you what humility is to Kanye West- you know nothing about it whatsoever. But now you have to head to the gym tomorrow because some dude asked you on a workout date and you said yes. Your palms are sweating, your heart’s beating fast, and your mind racing to your closet- what should you wear on your first ever workout date?

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If you have ever been in any such film-esque situation, or hope to be in one, we give you 5 ultimate tips to help you clad in the best of outfits for your date at the gym. Here we go…

Don’t Dress for a Real Date-

It’s a date, but you don’t have to dress like you’re on one. Avoid overdressing; don’t go into your casual wear either. Spend some money on fitness and running wears. But don’t go overboard and spend extravagantly. Keep it subtle and buy the regular wears.

When in Doubt, Play it Safe-

Unless you’re pretty sure what type of fitness wear would look on you, play it safe. Go with a full black. Buy a snug-fit black tank top and leggings. Mix that with a pair of light-colored sports shoes. This is the most standard gym look.

Go with Colorful Shorts for a Cute Look-

If you’re looking to pull a ‘cute look’ go with colorful wears- preferable colorful running shorts and a no-sleeve baggy tee. Today there are many wholesale running t-shirts and shorts manufacturers who offer such cute and colorful varieties. So shopping for them isn’t really a difficult task.

Avoid any Accessories-

The basic idea on such dates is to have a minimalist look. So avoid any accessories. But, in case, if you must, go with a thin-standard necklace and sports watch. That’s it!

Comfort is Everything

You must feel at your best. And that will happen only when you’re wearing comfy fitness wears. So when shopping, be extra considerate of the quality of your wear. Make sure the tops and bottoms are light in weight and have active wicking properties. So, when you sweat, which is most likely, your wears dry off just as quickly. Also, be careful of their stretchability. Go with wears with labels of good fitness clothing and running t-shirts suppliers on them.

These are the five simple tips to help you get ready for your first workout date.

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