Why Material Composition is So Important for Crafting Polo T-Shirts?

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  • July 12, 2021

Polo t-shirts made out of a knitted material which is either pique or jersey are an evergreen wardrobe staple of men. Nowadays polo’s are being composed of silk and linen fibers but jersey and pique remain two of the most traditionally popular polo fabrics. If you are a retailer who visualizes an impressive updating of your retail store, immediately connect with a celebrated polo t shirt manufacturer to add a touch of fashion to your menswear.

Polo’s made out of jersey have a much softer texture and you can wear them to feel comfortable as you participate in physical activities. Pique knit became an excellent polo fabric choice as it is durable, flexible and breathable. It is known for its geometric knit which when closely looked at appears like a honeycomb pattern.

Polo’s that are double pique

Similar to double knit, double pique is a combination of two threads. This is usually done to make the fabric stronger or to lower down costs by mixing a lower quality material with a superior quality one. This fabrication is also popular as a design decision as combination of textiles of different colors leads to creation of a singular effect.

Which should you choose – jersey or pique for your polo shirt?

While some guys prefer polo tees made of pique due to its expensive look owing to the stronger fabric and a sturdier collar stand, most prefer jersey-made polo’s as they are more comfortable. You can definitely look elegant in a jersey polo t-shirt if quality jersey material is used and styled in the right way.

Comparing the two textiles

Jersey is soft and smooth and a jersey polo tee is bound to feel soft to the skin as a t-shirt should. It is also cheaper than pique. Apart from being textured, pique is bulky and heavy. It is also more expensive than jersey.

Rising trend in polo t-shirts

No longer limited as a golfer’s apparel, classic polo t-shirts have been upgraded and introduced in various contemporary designs to satisfy the fashion-forward audience. You can count on this elegant and versatile closet must-have to look handsome in any semi-casual or formal occasion. Polo shirts are exceptionally trending in modern times as men like wearing it to look decent, stylish and attractive.

Being a business owner with the goal to include trendy polo t-shirts in your men’s apparel stock, get in touch with one of the promising bulk t shirt manufacturers with a promising polo tees catalog.

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