Wearing a Polo T-Shirt: Dos and Don’ts

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  • February 13, 2022

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Polo t-shirts from wholesale polo shirts manufacturers are regarded as the most opulent casual attire. Polo t-shirts have remained adaptable over the years, even though fashion comes and goes. The biggest benefit of wearing a polo t-shirt is that it looks elegant and matches everything. We all adore polo t-shirts for their fashionable appearance and comfort. It is the ideal combination of corporate and casual design, allowing for a wide range of applications. It meets all of our demands and looks, whether it’s a Friday at the office or a casual get-together with friends. Most of us wear this fantastic t-shirt without thinking about it, and as a result, we commit a lot of fashion faux pas while trying it on. Stripes, basic patterns, and even the optional pocket give character and charm. It is entirely up to you to style a polo t-shirt. Buttoned, unbuttoned, tucked, untucked – each choice results in a unique ensemble. Pairing is the most crucial. What you wear with your polo t-shirt affects the look you want to achieve; here is where we go wrong. Don’t be concerned! We are always here to assist you and save you from making any fashion faux pas.

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The simplest thing you can do is read this blog all the way through.

Do at least one of the buttons: Having all of the buttons undone looks sloppy and flabby. A buttoned-up one is usually an excellent one. It is up to the person whether all of them must be buttoned up; nevertheless, all buttons must not be undone.

Wear no huge logos: Polos from private label shirt manufacturers with huge logos have recently become popular. When it comes to Polos, this is a firm “no.” While a little logo on the breast is inescapable since it is a signature mark from the start. However, one must avoid wearing Polos with enormous oversized Polos.

Feel free to untuck or tuck your shirt depending on the situation: There are no rules on whether you should untuck or tuck your polo t-shirt. It all depends on the clothes and the occasion. Tucking provides you with a more formal appearance, but untucking gives you a more informal appearance. If your shirt is longer in the front than the back, it is almost probably meant to be tucked in. When wearing formal pants, tuck your polo t-shirt in; when wearing shorts or joggers, leave it untucked.

Don’t raise your collar: The fad of popping up collars is finished, and it’s not coming back any time soon. If you apply sunscreen to protect your neck, you won’t have to pop up in the first place. Wearing your collar up at night is similar to wearing sunglasses. Leave it to the bar crowd and youngsters attempting to be cool.

Size them according to your height: Unless you like to wear dresses, ensure the fringe of your untucked polo shirt doesn’t reach more than halfway down your back. It will not only wrinkle and expose when tucked in, but it will also throw your proportions off if left untucked. If you want to wear polo t-shirts untucked, skip tennis tails.

Wearing an undershirt is not required: An appropriately fitting polo shirt is snug and long enough to cover all of the proper spots. We use undershirts because they absorb perspiration and provide additional comfort. However, we must refrain from wearing undershirts with polo shirts since they slip from under the arm or crumple at the collar.

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