Unique Sublimated T-shirt Trends: Top Five To Flaunt

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  • June 30, 2015

The next generation printed t-shirts inked and indulged in the smart dye sublimation process. The cool casual gets a chic and cheerful revision, so fashionistas get a supreme chance to redefine their wardrobe with the quirky sublimated t-shirt brought by the finest global manufacturers and world’s best stylists.

The Top Five Sublimated Tees


One of the most popular design tees today are the skull prints. Sublimated t-shirt manufacturers are launching engaging in crafting these arguably most popular t-shirts in dramatic colors, patterns and effects. The gothic prints seems to unite the designers and fashion aficionados together. Online to shopping malls the skull head sublimated tees are pouring out but each of its own kind. This is because the sublimated tees manufacturers offer customization, creating what different minds conjure up. Both men and women alike have accepted and are adorning the skull printed sublimation t-shirts. From glow green skull prints to more creative ones like a tiger with a semi- skull face prints.


Now, floral prints always had a huge share in the fashion world. From the cheerful flower prints to the feisty spring themes. But sublimated tees takes floral craze to another level notching up creativity at its best. Pick some sensitive prints on deforestation or save plants, or a narrative tree-tale and much more can be personalized in the quirky sublimated t-shirts. Floral artwork is a widely popular fashion element and will reinvent itself time and again but will never lose its essence. From a background framing to a protagonist feral prints, this artwork gets a big thumbs up.

Wholesale Sublimated Tshirts

Birds and Animals

Those colorful feathers fabulously accentuate a casual t-shirt and therefore are extensively used in designing. But fashion revolution with the sublimated t-shirt manufacturers, bird prints are today one of the most loved pieces. A classic grey tee gets a print of white bird with a blue gun-head. Isn’t it amazing? Then there are life size yellow and red bird sublimated t-shirts that look exceptionally classy and creative. Talking about animal prints, the global wholesale sublimated t-shirts collection come in enormous assortments. From cute puppy face to adorable kitty prints till the timeless leopard prints, the list is endless that delights t-shirt lovers all the time.


With a very simple effect, the splatter style on sublimated tees have created a huge buzz amongst the t-shirt lovers. Designing technologies going digital today comes out with umpteen photoshop strokes and vectored images together with the splatter styles has given t-shirts a new definition. A basic black t-shirt are used to show the quirky splatter works. From cosmic galaxy prints, to brushed blood sprays and much more.


Superman to Batman, Captain America or Catwoman, these fictional characters apparently has inspired mortal so much that even the fashion world could not help but endorse it. Global manufacturers personalize the superhero t-shirts from full figure to the bold facial sculptures.

There is every possibility of what is in the hot list today will become cold in the future, but these five snazzy sublimated prints have shown their spark in recent fashion trends becoming high in demands. Well, these style trends may come and go but the superlative sublimated tees shall stay for a very long time for their multifarious benefits.

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