Types Of T-Shirts Every Man Must Know About

You just though that men doesn’t have enough clothing options, didn’t you? The global fashion industry never disappoints, and hence not just women, even men do not lag behind in the ‘looking good’ factor. Be it at the office, or during casual events, and weekend parties, if you are a fashion buff and follow celebs, models and fashion magazines, then you should have an idea on the different types of tees which the leading wholesale t shirt manufacturers and designers craft to appease the men. Also, it is no secret that men look dashing in a tee-denim look, then why only slip into the plain tees? Try out different cuts, shapes and team them up uniquely to pull off a medley of style quotients. In case you are clueless about the variety of t-shirts for men introduced by the t-shirt manufacturers in USA, we will give you a brief idea so that you can choose effortlessly according to body type and personal needs.

Wholesale T shirt Manufacturers and Designers

Polo T-shirts

Once connoting the wardrobe staples for golf players, polos have always been in craze, carrying a timeless and classical vibe. Creating an illusion of a shaped up body, men with slim and lean body types can try them out easily. Not just for golf, these polo-neck tees cab be worn at formal events with blazers and trousers, whereas at casual events with denims for running errands. Colorful, patterned or plain, retailers are sprucing up their stocks with polos while ordering wholesale t-shirts bulk products from t-shirt suppliers.

Henley Tees

Sans collar, they come in a variety of sleeve patterns, adorned with an opening at the neck, with three buttons following it. Though nowadays, you get a lot of patterns and prints, nut Henleys look best in solid colors, with denims khakis, sweatpants, cargo pants, for causal and semi-formal events.


Vintage V-neck is a classic style stance and hence should be a part of every man’s closet. They are the most impeccable pieces for fitness  with toned muscles, to show off the chest abs in body hugging V-neck tees. Not just casual, they can be layered with blazers and suits for formal ensembles.

Endearing Stripes

Stripes tees give the ultimate preppy and sophisticated appeal and the leading t shirt manufacturers craft them in a variety of styles and necklines, be it at the party or wedding, even for, these horizontal and vertical striped tees look great with trousers, denims and even shorts.

Funky Graphics

No one wants to don a serious same old attire, and hence something in playful colors and patterns make a lot of difference to the attitude they carry. For beach and pool parties, what about peppy graphic tees? With funny quotes, messages, images, photographic representations, animated 3-D prints and many more, these bring the innocent boy lurking inside you.

Spunky Hoods

If you are looking for some protection from cold weathers or rain, then versatile hooded tees can come to your rescue. With sleeves or without, check out the humongous range in a myriad colors and patterns  produced by the celebrated t shirt wholesalers.

Crew Neck

Cool and comfortable, men with smaller chests must wear crew neck tees to make their chests appear comparatively bigger.

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