The Trend Of Wholesale Sports T Shirts Worn By College Goers

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  • May 9, 2016

T-shirts, the ultimate trend setters are not just for the casual outings, but also works great when it comes to playing any sport. Sportswear consist of tees and shirts and they become a crucial part of this genre. There was a time when any sport would mean wearing sloppy tees and baggy track pants with baseball cool caps, but with the evolution of the global fashion scene, the leading sports t-shirts manufacturers are coming up recently with comfy and fuss-free tees, in refined finesse and minimal designs, reflecting good silhouette for everyone. Teams and colleges are getting their required products produced in bulk with preferred material, size, shape and design, and setting up new trends by flaunting them.

The team jerseys or t-shirts are one of the factors which play a great role in reflecting the spirit of the team and also promote it, with advertisement of the sponsors. Be it loose or highly tight fitted, short length or extended, a team jersey is totally incomplete without the proper wholesale sports t shirts getting adorned with the team logo and player’s name with interesting appeal

Following are the trends which the colleges are banking on to craft their team jerseys:

Gong Vibrant with Maximum Color Usage

There was a time when the sports tees mean classic black and white or blue tones, Today, those styles are gone and the teams in colleges have embraced the youth vigor with multiple shades like greens, oranges, magentas and many more to reflect a brighter stance.

Adorned with a Variety of Prints and Patterns

The colleges are never ever going to give up the trend of embossing logos, player’s name and numbers on the jerseys and the latest touch is of some prints and patterns getting a place on their body.

Back to the Retro Age

To reflect timeless pride of the genre of sports they are playing, the colleges are getting veteran players and classic names and numbers or logos imprinted on the body of the t-shirts. This is showcasing their passion and love for a particular, sport team and player beautifully and artistically.

Polos with Stripey Style

Polos tees are known for the sporty stance they hold, and hence the educational institutes are not sticking to the plain tee style, rather experimenting with striped polo tees, be it in dual or triple shade, with the logo embossed on the chest or on the sleeve.

Crew Neck and Short Sleeves for Practice Sessions

To keep a gap between the tournament and practice outfits, the teams are getting short sleeved crew neck wholesale sports shirts, tailored to perfection for the training sessions. Keeping in mind that training demands a lot of physical exhaustion, these tees are made of high quality fabric to wick moisture and keep the players fresh and dry all throughout.

Scoop Neck Long Sleeve for Special Occasions

For meetings and special occasions of the sports teams, the t shirts manufacturers are being asked to produce long sleeved scoop neck tees with neutral and subdued color options for a smarter ensemble.

Logo Imprinted Tanks

For the training sessions again and especially for the workout classes, the tank tees are crafted with easy-breezy shape and wide arm holes, with the team logo pasted from above to enable a sporty demeanour.

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