Style With Flannel Shirts Is Easy By Following These Tips

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  • December 28, 2022

Do you always feel intimidated by flannel shirts? Don’t know how to wear them? There’s nothing to be scared of as they are pretty easy to style. You just have to match them correctly with the correct bottom wear. While the checkered flannels can always be worn safely with solid colors, they can also be tried on with different prints. They look particularly awesome when you layer them up with other clothing items.

Still, need some help on how to wear a flannel shirt? Take inspiration from these unique flannel shirt outfit ideas.

Flannel On Flannel?

That time when it’s extremely chilly outside, instead of going for a jacket or a coat, you can think about opting for double flannel. Choose different patterns of course, and pair them with casual trousers. The flannel on the flannel layer looks different and heats your body pretty quickly, inside the office or at home. This is also a great look for outdoor activities like hiking.

…And The Ever-Popular Blue Jeans

Flannel itself is a warm fabric so when the temperature is light cold, you won’t need to wear any additional layer. Also, a flannel shirt can look ultra-chic on its own. Just style it with a pair of blue jeans if you are planning to go out and meet a friend.

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A Sharp And Soft Look!

Leather and flannel, both are thick and tough materials, and they look amazing together. Don’t believe it? Wear a black leather jacket over a red and black checkered flannel and partner them with deep black jeans. Make sure NOT to opt for black boots. Stick to tan ones for a unique look.

Experimenting With Fleece

Flannel shirts are best as a base layer as they blend well with almost any casual mid and outer layer. Throw on a quilted vest or a fleece zip-up to get the most out of such an ultra-chic appearance.

With A Simple Tee

For all those days when you simply aren’t in the mood to play dress up, this one is just perfect. Try a quality flannel shirt created by one of the most sought-after flannel shirt manufacturers USA over a basic crew-neck tee. Go for dark-colored chinos and brown loafers to finish the look.

Flannel Shirt Over A Button-Up

As flannel shirts are often more relaxed and heavier than the usual button-ups, you can wear them as a jacket over denim shirts. Settle down for casual pants and put on your sneakers. Oh! Make sure that your base shirt is a fitted one, or else it can ruin the entire look.

Along With A Suit

Of course, it’s possible to wear a flannel shirt with a suit (provided your suit is also crafted out of a heavy fabric). And, there’s no question of putting on a bow or a tie over here. Just keep the top button open. It will be great if your pocket square matches any of the accent colors from your flannel shirt.

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