Six Varieties of T-Shirts That Are Going To Dominate Even 2016

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  • December 11, 2015

It’s December, and we’re approaching the end of yet another year. This year we saw a drastic change in trend in the fashion world- like tracksuit pants coming in the mainstream and trailing other conventional bottoms- but one thing didn’t changed; the dominance of t-shirts in the market.

Like every year, USA t-shirts manufacturers were highly in demand all throughout this year. Small clothing businesses made big revenue offering the customers a range of high quality varieties of these t-shirts. So here are top five varieties of t-shirts that found a big space in everyone’s wardrobe around the world, and the possibilities are that they are going to rule at least the first half of 2016.

T-shirts Manufacturers USA

Dominance of 6 varieties

Sublimated T-shirts-

It is no secret that sublimation has charmed the clothing industry and millions of customers around the world. Sublimation t-shirts have truly been a craze among both women and men.

One biggest merit of these t-shirts is that even after extensive printing process, their ventilation properties remains intact. Other than that, do we even need to mention just how stylish sublimation tees really are?

Seamless T-shirts-

Many small businesses fail to understand the difference between the seamless tees and other types, other than just their stitching process. Yes, seamless t-shirts, as the name suggests, are seamless- but this comes with few merits.

No stitching around the corner makes these t-shirts very durable. There’s a less chance for them getting wear and tear during their wash. Also due to the lack of stitching during their making process, seamless shirts are comparatively cheaper.

Gym T-shirts-

These t-shirts are made and tailored specifically keeping in mind the needs and requirements of all the gym-going men and ladies.

Foremost, they are made from high quality fabrics that are very stretchable; this ensures that regardless any weight gain or weight loss, they fit on perfectly on anyone. Also, they have far better wicking properties- very able in combating sweat related problems.

Sports T-shirts-

Many people think, sports t-shirts are much like gym ones. Although they are somewhat similar in many sense- but not entirely. When making sports t-shirts, t-shirts manufacturers in USA prioritize its lightness more than their overall stretching properties. So they use somewhat different fabrics and technology process in making these sports t-shirts.

Dri-fit T-shirts-

Not every tee shirt manufacturers in USA use dri-fit technology in their sports and gym t-shirts. This has led to the high demand for a particular type- dri-fit t-shirts. A love of every summer, they have the most efficient wicking properties.

Flannel T-shirts-

It’s not much in their quality but look that differ flannel tees from other varieties. Flannel shirts are already popular in the fashion world, flannel tees, also very stylish, are rising atop in the mainstream.

These are the five varieties of t-shirts that has done tremendously in the whole of 2015 and looking at the current trend, their demand will persist even in the first half of 2016. So if you don’t already have the wholesale of them in you inventory, contact any top t shirt manufacturers USA, and place your order now.

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