Should You Bulk Raw Blank T-Shirts Wholesale Or Customize It With Graphics?

  • Only Teez
  • April 27, 2016

If you’re a small clothing business owner, you would know just how confusing and trivial wholesale blank tees can be. As in, should you sell the blank t-shirts themselves or should you customize them with different colors and graphics; and when customizing, how to do it effectively, all it’s not all very simple, is it?

So, here, we will try to resolve all your confusion.

A large section of consumers adore blank t-shirts

We’ve heard so (SO!) much about text-tees- how they are trending everywhere and how they are ruining everyone’s wardrobes. It is very well true. But there’s another truth that there also exists a large section of consumers who just adores blank t-shirts. And it is for this section that you should (and must) not customize your wholesale blank T-shirts and keep them plain and simple.

But keeping it simple and plain doesn’t mean keeping it boring. So aside from black and white colors, juggle with other options as well. There are few tops and well-known blank clothing manufacturers who offer many custom color variations in their collection, from blooming orange to lime yellow. These varieties look simple, at the same time, cool and trendy.

Graphic-Rich Tees are the ‘In Thing’ Today

What denim jackets were years in the fashion world, graphic-rich tees are today. Widely popular and favorite among both female and male consumers, these colorful tees exude style and boldness, which apparently people dig.

But the problem for the small businesses is with the demands of consumers so diverse, how do they customize their wholesale blank tees? Of course, the task at hand is difficult. But there are several ways that can help you.

Understanding your customers’ needs–  This is one of the most simple of ways, but not necessarily easy. Know what kind of tees does your customers want. You don’t have to consider their needs individually but observe at large.

Know what’s trending in the market– Be receptive to every trend in your industry. Know it, understand it and customize your bulk accordingly. Also know things like when any big sports league is happening, or if an anticipated movie is approaching its release date, capitalize on everything big going around.

Bank on manufacturers’ advice– If you’re bulking up from the top and renowned blank t-shirts manufacturers, they will offer you many custom varieties, and you will not even have to personalize. But if you want to customize, these manufacturers will also share your important data and good advice that can be very helpful.

So skip all your confusion regarding your wholesale blank T-shirts. There is a section of the population who likes plain and simple t-shirts, while there are many who want colorful and graphic-rich tees. Meet both of their demands and preferences.

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