Polo Shirts Etiquettes – Dos and Don’ts for Your Dri-Fit Polo Range

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  • December 1, 2015

Polo shirts have a significant role to play in the changing trends of dress code. Today polo shirt is game for almost every environment, strategically substituting the dress shirt and tie with its cool and casual open collars. Most industries have adopted the traditional polo field and tennis court exclusives to country clubs and corporate sectors, even preferring it as a gentleman’s uniform.

Versatile Dri Fit Shirts- The Polo Performance

One thing the polo shirt manufacturing industry has given us other than its versatility in matching diverse occasion is the fabulous fabric and featuring. Yes, polo shirts are so popular today also because of its amazing quality and comfort characteristics. The special Climate Control technique and Dri Fit facility have made this more wearer friendly. Wicking away moisture, enhancing movement and escalating breathability, the polo shirts offer abundant room for ease, thereby motivating wearer to remain active all through the day or throughout the night.

It is true polo t shirts and shirts are so popular, they are interchangeably worn from formal trousers to casual capris from slack pants to tattered denims. However it calls for a specific styling norm it fit every event appropriately.

So here are the Do’s and Don’ts for a Perfect Polo Shirts Dress up:

  • Say no to undershirts when you slip in a polo

While you choose a properly fitted polo shirt, that gives the right fit but isn’t too tight, and also long enough in the all the right places, here is another thing that you should keep in mind. Do not use an undergarment as it almost certain to slip out from under the sleeves or peek from the collar. Polo shirts and undershirts are for each other. The dri fit shirt wholesale range of cutting edge technique are specially made to curb the sweat problems but if you still want to be prepared carry a good deodorant and an extra piece of shirt

  • Do size your polo shirts to your height

Sizing your polo shirt for an appropriate appeal is significant. Unless you are inclined towards wearing dresses, choose the polo shirts with the tail of the shirt that does not go midway past your buttocks. When tucked in, it crumples and shows and when kept un-tucked it just look ridiculous to eyes. Having said that polo shirts which were originally the tennis shirt traditionally were meant to have cut at the back that hangs a few centimeters lower than the front length. This is called the tennis tail.

  • Large logos are not real nor appealing

If you closely take a look the polo shirts and compare the authenticated piece with the fake you will be able to quick spot the difference. Logos are a must especially when it comes to a corporate uniform, besides it trending. However logos that are literally on your face are not very appealing, the dri fit shirt manufacturers hence ensure the shirts which has to have logos are kept prominent but not protruding.

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