What Makes Sublimated T Shirts So Attractive For Men?

  • Only Teez
  • April 7, 2017

The sublimation dye process provides clothing items with a wide range of benefits. Wearing wholesale sublimated t shirts can be beneficial, as wearers can get a wide variety of designs reproduced – from favorite team logos and cartoon characters to corporate pictures and designs to simple business logos. Find out about some of the particular advantages of using these tees, and why keeping them in your clothing store can be a great choice.


These t-shirts are made with the use of the best sublimation printing technology. The sublimation process injects paint to all the fibers of the fabric that is used in clothes. This is in contrast to the printing process where the ink or paint stays smeared over the fabric surface. It is probably the sturdiest and the best printing process that has ever been seen in the clothing industry.

Non-Fading Prints

One of the biggest benefits of sublimated clothing items, which make them a hit with men across the globe, is the fact that sublimated prints do not fade with washing. Considering how durable the sublimation process is, it is very tough to wash the print off with manual hand washing or machine washing process. There is no easy chipping, cracking or running of the prints either. Standard prints can run, chip or crack easily with washes or even due to heavy sweating, as is often seen in sports clothing. Sublimated apparels are almost immune to this problem.

Accurate Reproductions of Colors

Colors can be reproduced accurately in sublimated tees. Colors from digital files, photographs and other multicolored sources can be vividly reproduced, and there is the option for all over printing or printing on the sleeves, front and back. Although sublimated clothes can be slightly more expensive due to this reason, many USA t shirt manufacturers offer deals and discounts to make these clothes more affordable.

Design Freedom

Sublimated tees offer you the chance to reproduce various types of images, without paying anything extra for the printing, embroidering or stitching of patches onto the dress. High resolution or high quality images have to be used for the reproduction process, given that imperfections will be revealed otherwise. Even with repeated washing at home or in laundry, the images do not get easily faded.

Equally Applicable

Sublimation printing can be applied on almost any type of material. Whether it comes to artificial or natural fibers, the process can be applied everywhere with almost the same kind of perfection level. It can equally be applied on sports and fashion clothing. Sublimated prints have already made their presence felt in sports apparels, but the fashion world is also utilizing sublimations in the best possible ways. People are loving the use of these prints increasingly over the standard ones. Almost any type of clothing or accessory can be sublimated – whether it comes to caps, pants, jackets or t-shirts. Accessories such as a wide variety of bags can also be availed in sublimation printing. The printing can be used on synthetic fabrics, particularly 100% polyester fabric.

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