Is There Any Right And Wrong Way To Wear The Graphic Tees?

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  • February 7, 2023

The short-sleeve tees, boldly featuring a design, that can be anything, from a full-fledged image to a simple logo, are known as graphic tees. The wholesale graphic tshirts manufacturers make them available in different styles— sleeveless, oversized, cropped, etc, and because of the fact that they enable the wearer to express themselves without saying anything to the viewers, make them heavily popular worldwide.

If you are a graphic tee lover then there are certain rules and regulations that you should always remember.

Partnering With The Right Clothing Piece

Have plans to chill out with your friends at a club? Think about wearing your favorite piece over a maxi dress and knot it or to get a dressier appearance, partner it with a lacy fitted skirt. When the weather is chilly, nothing can beat faux leather pants.

Don’t Go For a Distressed One In a Professional Environment

Wearing a distressed graphic shirt in a professional setting is nothing less than a crime that can almost cost you your job (or you can get to hear some not-so-polite words)! Never try such a stunt!

Think High-Waisted

To get a uber-chic look, consider putting on high-waisted shorts or skirts and tucking in your graphic tee.

Sloppy Isn’t Nice For Them

If you think you are going to get a sloppy appearance then you can always knot it to one side. You can also wear a sweater corset over bulk graphic tees. There are some who style the oversized ones as dresses and that’s super trendy.

Think About Styling Graphic Tees For The Office

When it’s to wear a graphic tee at work, layer a cool blazer on top of your tee to make it look more professional and as for the bottom, go for printed pants, or maxi skirt, or a pencil skirt.

Take Note Of The Shoes

If you have plans to dress up a graphic tee, go for voguish mule heels or any kind of wedges. Opt for slip-ons or tennis shoes if you want a casual look.

Learn To Be Brave And Confident

If you always contemplate whether or not to wear the graphic tee to a rock concert (mostly because you feel self-conscious) then try wearing them to a barbecue first. Like that, things would start getting easy.

Graphics On The V-Neck Front Is a Big No-No

When getting a V-neck graphic tee, make sure the graphic is on the back, until and unless you want it to come up to your stomach which is anything but cool.

About Tucking

Is your graphic tee slouchy or longer than needed? If yes then always tuck it in the front on one side and never directly in the center.

Try Not To Be Offensive

Depending on the occasion, you should choose your graphic tee wisely.

Don’t Think Graphic Tees Are Just For Teens

Be it men or women, adults or kids, graphic tees are for everyone.

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