How To Style Graphic Tees Without Making It Look Defiant

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  • February 27, 2020

Tees by nature are informal, so in turn, they are going to make your look feel more laid-back. Slapping a graphic on that t-shirt increases the laid-backness. It is like putting in more sugar to your pop! Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and put together.

Bear in mind the following rules to help you incorporate graphic tees from famous shirt manufacturers into your style.

Style graphic t-shirts with accessories

You can have heaps of fun accessorizing your graphic t-shirt. There are lots of choices. Try a cool hat to make you look more sleek and regal. Or if your graphic t-shirt has some shades in the graphic, try going for one of those shades in casual types of watch bands or belts.

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Slip into the right footwear

The best kind of shoe to slip into with a graphic t-shirt is something laid-back. Think about wearing a graphic t-shirt with a black Balmoral Oxford, not a great look now, is it? Go for a minimalist sneaker, black or white depending on the base of your tee. That’s the secret to making that graphic stick out, as well as your attire. You can most certainly don casual dress shoes like a Chelsea boot or a derby as well. Team those up with jeans instead of trousers to dodge bringing in too much primness.

Style graphic t-shirts with layers

A solid white or black base shade makes your t-shirt painless to layer with other items in your closet. Try it with a denim jacket, a button-up, a pullover, or even a sports jacket or blazer.
But is a graphic t-shirt so informal by nature that you can only wear it up to a definite point?
Not necessarily. You can even style a graphic t-shirt with a suit. For example, if it has a white base, it’s going to look amazing with minimalist white sneakers and a suit.

By styling graphic t-shirts this way, you are bringing something slightly more arty to the style. You are carrying a suit in a way that it wasn’t originally intended to be carried and making it your own.

Layering something prim and proper with something conventionally casual is an amazing combination of elegance and creativity.

Business owners who want to incorporate wholesale graphic tees in their store can get in touch with one of the popular wholesale graphic t shirts manufacturers. Go through the vast collection of clothing, pick the pieces needed and state the bulk requirement accordingly to the support team. You can even avail of cool discounts for the same!

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