How The Celebs Have Been Rocking The Slogan Tees

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  • May 29, 2024

The slogan tees are everywhere. Signs and slogans on clothing are nothing new. They have been used for decades. People have been dressing and expressing their beliefs and interests since the dawn of time. But it’s something different this time as you can see almost everyone wearing a cynical, edgy, and funny little message.

It’s 2024, the year of the slogan tees. Celebs prefer to say things through their chest instead of saying them out loud. With them continuing to sport these tees almost everywhere, you can be sure that they are going to be huge this summer.

With the slogan tees coming back to the fashion scene, they are being used to make a statement without saying or doing anything. Last year, the ever-beautiful and fashionable Kim Kardashian was witnessed in an ‘’I Love Nerds’’ tee as she sat in the front row of a basketball game. To accentuate the figure, it was worn tied at the back. The American media personality and socialite teamed it up with a famed Spanish luxury fashion company’s ripped denim jeans, layered necklaces, and transparent heels.

Well, Kim isn’t the only person showing her love for the tees but others have jumped on the bandwagon as well. Here is the list that you need to check out:

Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘’Carrie Bradshaw AF’’ T-Shirt

Whether it’s Obsessed, Vampire, Get Him Back, Bad Idea Right? or any other song of hers, the 21-year-old American singer-songwriter and actress never fails to impress music lovers with her singing. Every night of the GUTS Tour, Olivia Rodrigo wore a different white tank top that showed a new slogan. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s fun. The one that read ‘’Carrie Bradshaw AF’’ was voted the best by many of her fans. She paired it with glittering short shorts and cool necklaces.

fashion idea of olivia rodrogo's slogan tees

Zendaya’s ‘’I Told Ya’’ T-Shirt

Zendaya has ‘always said’ that her everyday style is not quite the thing in comparison to her red carpet looks and in one of her recent pictures where she was spotted in an ‘’I Told Ya’’ slogan tee (dressed in total casuals— a trench coat and pants), it’s almost like she was repeating it. However, no matter what she wears, she always looks super pretty to her fans worldwide. By the way, the event was the promotion of her erotically-charged tennis flick, Challengers.

top style of slogan tees

Josette’s ‘’dyke’’ T-Shirt

Well, the youngest musician in MUNA knows how to win the hearts of the audience, be it with music or clothing. The talented musician Josette Maskin went for a black tank top with the word ‘’dyke’’ written on it in rhinestones recently along with snake-print leather pants and almost everyone went crazy. Such an icon!

josette dyke t shirt fashion idea

Emily Rajatkowski’s ‘’Everybody Loves an Italian Boy’’ T-Shirt

The ever-so-sexy model-cum-actress Emily Rajatkowski let her t-shirt do all the talking this time as she coolly sported a vintage Super Mario Bros tee that had the phrase, ‘’Everybody Loves an Italian Boy’’. As for the caption of her Insta gallery that displayed several other branded tees, she chose to go with ‘a few v important t-shirts’.

top quality emily rajatkowski slogan t shirt

Meghan Markle’s ‘’Love Like A Mother’’ T-Shirt

In new images on the social media page for the ‘Alliance of Moms’, a US-based charity that supports parenting and pregnant teens in foster care to help them build a positive future, the Duchess of Sussex has appeared. In the pictures, Prince Harry’s wife looked effortlessly chic in a slogan t-shirt that read ‘’Love Like a Mother’’ in bold red and a pair of light-wash blue jeans.

tips of meghan makles slogan t shirt

Hailey Bieber’s ‘’Nepo Baby’’ T-Shirt

No, no one can forget Hailey Bieber’s classic ‘’Nepo Baby’’ cropped tee. The message is clear, isn’t it? Stephen Baldwin’s daughter wore it with pride, pairing it with low-rise jeans and a statement belt.

hailey bieber nepo baby t shirt idea

Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘’Jesus Was a Carpenter’’ T-Shirt

Did you see Sabrina Carpenter in the ‘’Jesus Was a Carpenter’’ tee? Seemed like her cheeky reference to the controversy around filming her Feather music video in a catholic church.

tips for slogan tees idea

Slogan tees are a fun way to express your opinion on something. They are great for showing your pop-culture tastes or sense of humor. Follow the lead of your favorite stars and join the trend!

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