How Printed Shirts Are Very Much In Fashion Right Now

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  • November 18, 2020

If one has mastered the essentials of menswear it is easy to draw anything out of the closet and put it on fashionably to mark an impression. That can stagnant after some time, if you want something new with the mens closet, the best way to shift it from eye catching to memorable is through the use of printed shirts to broaden your repertoire.

We are not talking about the boring prints from childhood, apart from leaving the start wars print for the teens, you can actually own up something very classy, and way different. The new lines of printed shirts brought to you by the leading printed t shirt manufacturers turned clothing dealers, will dazzle you with the creational superiority of these clothes.

Take a quick look at how and what you should own:

Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiian shirts have seen quite a renaissance over the last couple of years and it is not the 80’s daddy shirts either. The modern breed of these shirts have direct influence from leading brands showcasing prowess in modern design, and with the new sharp fit cuts and vegetal graphics in a grown up palette of black, moss green and off tone sunset.

Animal motifs

Everything from the toothy tigers to blazing monkeys extoled in sharp cufflink shirts are all everyone is talking about! Blame the big names for spoiling customers worldwide, as today animal print is not only a tricky trend but also a smooth dosage of freestyle! The fauna-inspired fonts are bold yet has a classy backdrop which reminds us of the old times where impressionism was the only form of art and expression!

How to wear printed shirts?

A quiet quite approach

This for them who like to show off their minimalistic approach to a dress. A light t shirt followed by a smooth fauna print light t shirt, buttoned down with pants matching the color of the overall shade and nailed with a cream loafer is all that you can ask for and get with this! Place the shirt at the fore, while hinting on the classic 50’s tropical essence.

Proud and loud

Printed shirts are meant to be loud and bold. The colors don’t fear mingling with new options, as they have so much to offer on their own! This fun yet sophisticated look can be built around a handful of elements, pair it with the natural colors available and let the shirt do its magic, over a navy or a purple inner!

Get in touch with the leading shirt manufacturers and order the trendiest wholesale collection of printed shirts for your store.

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