How Can Men Wear Polo T-shirts for Different Occasions without Looking Like a Tool!

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  • February 1, 2017

To begin with, polo t-shirts have a long history that can be traced back to 19th century India when British soldiers started playing polo the sport. To keep themselves comfortable, they devised this piece of clothing, made of cotton with long sleeves. The t-shirts were extremely heavy in their feel, thus only making the wearer uncomfortable.

A jump to the early 1900’s, French tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste, nicknamed ‘the crocodile’, went against the tradition and introduced to the world a short sleeve t-shirt with collar. After retiring from his career, he concentrated on developing shirts with the invention of his apparel company.

The next significant change in the history of polo took place when a popular fashion designer introduced a new line of casual clothing and called it polo. This significantly changed the course of the ones sporty tees and cemented their place in our wardrobe for a long time.

Though they disappeared from the scene for a few years given the ostentatious turn they took during the 2000’s, they made a stellar comeback in last year and have been going well for the last few seasons. Given that the trend of wearing polo t-shirts has returned and has made quite a permanent place, here is a list of different occasions and ways to get the polo look correct.

It can be extremely tricky to wear a polo shirt but follow the list and you are definitely going to be a stand out.

Formal: Look Like an Accomplished Winner

This is no rocket science, but polo shirts are smart. You will have to incorporate some changes in your basic style to accommodate polo. With the summer approaching fast, it can be a great idea to combine polo with a suit. Go for a solid polo in dark shades to give yourself a defined look. Suits in a lighter hue will further complement the smart approach. If you are looking to experiment, then go for an all-black look, which can never go wrong. To make yourself look like the best dressed man in the town, opt for a pair of white trainers instead of oxfords and loafers to impress all your colleagues. Take a cue from Hollywood hottie Jake Gyllenhaal.

Casual: Grab a Coffee or Rock a Date in Style

Polo t-shirts are a versatile piece of fashion clothing. They are great in their practical approach and can be a great pick for day to day occasions. So whether going for an errand run or on a dinner date, slip into polo and jeans to make the maximum impact on the onlookers. Opt for dark and neutral tones like grey and black for they can never fail you. A pair of slim fit jeans makes the best pair with the t-shirt. A bomber jacket will add that extra over the edge appearance. a pair of casual boots can also look extremely smart and nifty. If the weather is on the colder side, then make sure to layer up with beanies and scarves.

Smart Casual: A Winner for all Occasions

With the subtle line between casual and formal disappearing every day, smart casual is a perfect demonstration of a cross between the two. Suitable for almost all occasions, polo men’s t-shirts is designed to suit your mood. Since the looks says smart casual, it is pretty evident that this kind of approach is going to juxtapose elements from both. A pair of jeans will serve as a casual piece whereas a classic blazer will sum up the category of formal. To keep your approach minimum yet effective, wear a pair of Chelsea boots in brown. This ensemble will help you walk out of the house feeling like a winner.

So whatever be the occasion, polo t-shirts serve as one of the best clothing items in a man’s wardrobe. A number of prominent manufacturers have designed and gathered a large variety of t-shirt wholesale that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers. Registering today will help one secure attractive discount.

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